Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Simplicity Charms

Ear cuffs:  The sea green and pink cuffs were part of a set of three; the third one (far right) was sold separately.
These ear cuffs were ordered from as a stocking stuffer for my daughter.  After arrival, I immediately visualized them as 1/6 scale doll jewelry.

After I tried on the copper cuff (shown above), Something Sexy Adele volunteered to model the turquoise one from the same set of three.

Shown above, the turquoise cuff works well as a bracelet on Adele.  It matches the color of her sweater, too.  These cuffs can be used as rings for larger dolls as well.

Made of 20-gauge wire, the set of three in pink, sea green, and copper cost $4.50.  The silver one with "black diamond" bead, also made of wire, was $4.00.  Not a bad price to pay for doll... I mean ear cuffs that my daughter will probably misplace.

Gold-filled and silver styles priced higher are also available at Browse current stock here.




  1. Those are nice! My sister wears a lot of toe cuff jewelry sorta similar to these. I've never seen them for ear lobes.

  2. Very nice! That is a great price for doll jewelry (per se). Thanks for the info.

  3. Cute! Makes me want to get out my various funky colors of jewelry wire and start playing again. I haven't made wire doll jewelry in ages...

    1. Muff - I actually wanted to find a larger style cuff (for my daughter) that adorns the entire edge of the ear, similar to this but I waited too late to begin looking for something online that was suitable for her style. Most that I found were gaudy and others wouldn't have arrived in time.

      You're welcome, GG. I think these are cute. I really wanted the copper colored one for myself since that is the metal I wear most often, but she wasn't having it when she opened her stocking and found these. I will probably reorder some for myself.

      Go for it Saturday Sequins - there is a market for doll jewelry.


    2. When I saw these, I wondered if you would be keeping the copper one for yourself. :) These look good on you, and on Adele. Very cute.

    3. Hi Roxanne,

      I should have just kept the copper one and not put it in my daughter's stocking. Just as I expected, she has no idea where they are now. That girl. I noticed for the first time this past Friday, when I asked about the cuffs, that she has two piercings in her ears. She said she got the second one last year specifically for a pair of diamond studs that she knew she would lose if she didn't wear them. So sad, but that's my girl.

      Thanks for the compliment. I will probably order a set of cuffs for myself or at least one copper colored one.



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