Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tatiana Oliviera Update

Tatiana Nayara Oliviera (one of the 19-inch, vinyl Dollfriends by Via E) was first seen on this blog here in a guest post by her creator, Ellen Callen.  Ellen shared the above photo that illustrates the brown curly hair that will be used on Tatiana.  She also shared the following advanced ordering information:

There is only one more week left to get your name on Tatiana's Box. And the best part is that the Advanced Order Package is only $68.00 (plus shipping)! This price will never be offered again! Once Tatiana is finished, her price will go up to the introduction price of $95.00. Then when she is here and in stock the price will be $115.00. So don't miss this opportunity. Here is the link to get your name on Tatiana's box and the great price of $68.00 (plus shipping)! http://www.via-e.com/tatiana.html




  1. That's a great promotional shot! Her expression is very joyful.


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