Friday, February 12, 2016

Lammily Photographer Production Images Revealed

The following is the contents of an email received from Nicolay, Founder of Lammily, dated 02/11/2016.  The email contains images of the final production sample of the Lammily photographer along with additional details.

Meet the NEW Lammily Photographer Doll!

We are super excited! The Lammily family is growing.

Many of you already preordered our new Photographer doll — thank you! Your support helped us bring her to life.

We are now more than happy to share with you the very first photographs of the final production sample that just arrived from our manufacturer.

After months of designing and developing, she is here!

The Photographer doll comes with a vintage camera accessory. From an illustrated booklet, included with the doll's package, you'll learn the story of this camera and how it changed this young woman's life.

We've been working hard to make our new doll unique and truly original. And we are thrilled with results!

Her hair is naturally curvy [sic], with two little clips you so can add more style. A completely new head mold was made from artwork of world renowned sculptor, Susan Wagner, who designed it specially for Lammily!

Read about this amazing behind-the-scenes process in our blog.

Her facial features were designed to match her unique character. She has a kind expression, soft smile, and minimal makeup.

Lammily Photographer's outfit is bright and elegant -- with a snow-white cap-sleeve cardigan and an A-line skirt print-pattern skirt, designed exclusively for Lammily by pattern artist Jane Popovich.

All Lammily Traveler clothes will fit Lammily Photographer as well!

Here are the two besties side by side!

Ariana, whom you may remember from our 2nd Graders React to Lammily video, was the first child to meet our new doll and they became instant friends!

We had a small focus group to see what kids thought about the new doll and we videotaped their responses. Needless to say, they loved her! Stay tuned for the new video we will share with you soon!

You can preorder the brand new Lammily Photographer doll below...

We are working with the factory to make sure the production goes smoothly, and we'll update you on the expected shipping date.

Thank you so much for your support to make this new doll part of the Lammily family!




05/10/16 Shipping Update:

We have exciting news! The Lammily Photographer dolls are scheduled to arrive to our warehouse in Los Angeles between May 25th and May 30th. As soon as they are there, shipping will begin immediately. 

Check out my eBay listings here.



  1. Wonderful! I knew she was coming. The final product is better than I expected. Maybe now I can get excited about designing Lammily clothes. Thanks for sharing.

    1. The production doll is better than I expected as well. I am just as excited about your sewing for Lammily as you are!


  2. Thanks so much for sharing this info! I'm debating on whether or not to pre-order. I wish that PayPal was an option for the pre-orders. I definitely want to buy her once she's released.

    1. If you can, preorder, but I guess it won't make much of difference except for time the doll is received. I did not know Paypal was not an option. I carted the doll this morning to see what options were available and recalled which CC I used to place my preorder.

      Had I not carted the doll, I would have overlooked the new release date which has been changed from March 1st to May 1st.


  3. The production doll is super cute. I may just have to get her.

  4. Thanks for sharing this info. She is pretty and I love her curly hair!

  5. The eyes look slightly flat in the photos but everything else is great! I love the hair, the shape of her mouth and those definitive cheeks. She's a keeper.

    1. Keen eye, Muff. The eyes do look a little flat.



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