Friday, December 9, 2016

Byer's Choice Carolers and a Wreath

Six handcrafted Byer's Choice Carolers from 1991, 2001, and 2002; there is a little girl hiding behind the woman on the far right.  Photo courtesy of David Friedlander.

After purchasing Tuesday, Joey, and Amanda from David of Friedlander Antiques, he emailed photos of the above group of Byer's Carolers, which I purchased to incorporate into this year's Christmas decorations.  

Three additional Byer's Choice Carolers from 1992.  Photo courtesy of David Friedlander.

David found three additional Byers Choice Carolers a few days after the first carolers were purchased.  Of course, I could not leave those three behind.

About Byer's Choice Carolers (from the company's website):
Beginning in the 1960’s, Joyce Byers spent the lead-up to every Christmas hand crafting Carolers as decorations and Christmas presents. What started as a few small gifts for family made out of some clay, paint, scraps of old clothes, and her sons’ hair quickly grew into a project that took over the Byers’ house every December as more and more people learned about the Carolers and wanted their own.
From there, the company has grown to a team of over 80 artisans working to handcraft the Carolers, which are sold in gift stores across the United States and around the world, while remaining true to the spirit of Christmas.
I am not sure if the company still makes African American Carolers as I did not see any offered in their current line and none were shown in the video I viewed at the website, which can be viewed below.

Prior to purchasing my nine, I was vaguely familiar with Byer's Carolers but had never taken an initiative to purchase any until David's offering.  If by chance I decide to actually get creative in the future, diorama scenes can be created with them.  This year, however, I have settled on just adding them to my Christmas table decor as shown below, grouped differently than David had them grouped.

Boy holding  lamp (2001), woman holding a basket filled with presents, pine cones, and holly (all from 2001), Man with sheet music (2001), and Little Girl with letter to Santa (1991)

Front:  Little Boy with Christmas Tree and Girl with Bird (1992)
Back:  Elderly Woman Shopper (2001), Man with Child (from the Traditional Family F series), and Caroling Woman with hands in muff (1992)

Phyllis wanted me to share a photo of the wreath (or tree) that I mentioned wanting to decorate with the Goldie Wilson doll ornaments (seen here).  The plan was to use those and others purchased in years past for the tree decorations.

I have decided against putting up a large tree.  The small wreath I am using on the inside of the front door is just the right size for the four Lil Girl with Doll ornaments by Goldie. I have other plans for the two extra ornaments that I purchased from her this year.

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  1. Those carolers are real pieces of art!

  2. The Goldie ornaments are adorable!!

    1. Thank you, GG. I wish I could have purchased more.



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