Monday, December 5, 2016

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Sweet Pea by Gloria Y. Rone

Sweet Pea, a polymer clay doll by Gloria Y. Rone arrived in early November.  She is an 11-inch girl who is excited about the holiday season and has already dressed herself in a mint green and white dress with snowman theme.  She wears a white knit cap with holly leaf and berry embellishment and holds a tinsel wrapped wreath with holly berries attached.  When I saw this little girl in a for-sale post on Facebook back in October, my heart skipped a couple of beats.  I visited the link to Gloria's Etsy shop and pondered the purchase.  Since I had recently purchased Tuesday, Joey, and Amanda, I decided to pass.

She looks so serious... probably thinking about her Christmas wish list for herself and others.

A few weeks later, with Sweet Pea still available, but at a reduced price, I swooped her up.  She is my first Christmas doll for 2016.


Adelaide is a 14-inch porcelain doll with her own story written by her artist, Goldie Wilson.

The week before Thanksgiving, I received my first Christmas card from the highly talented doll artist, Goldie Wilson. It was the first thing I saw after opening a package from her that contained doll Christmas ornaments.

9-inch Lil Girl with Doll ornaments with hand-stamped faces

Goldie shared photos of the remaining 2016 cloth doll Christmas ornaments she made this year (all others had sold and she will not make others this year). I placed an order for the four, actually wanting six, but the two others had already sold by the time I received Goldie's emailed photos.  The four 9-inch Lil Girl with Doll ornaments I purchased are shown above. They have hand-stamped faces and painted-on shoes.  Aren't they absolutely adorable?  I love dolls with dolls anyway, so these ornaments were a must have!

A few days after placing the order for the above four, Goldie informed me the other two I had wanted were again available.  She asked if  I still wanted them.  Of course, I did!

These 10-inch cloth ornaments have hand-painted faces with painted-on shoes.  The fabric used for their dresses has images of children on the front and back, which adds to their appeal!
These two were shipped separately.  I am looking forward to decorating a small tree or a wreath with these and other ornaments purchased from Goldie in years prior.


The day after the second package from Goldie arrived, I received a phone call from her.  We chatted about her new style of dolls. Pictures and more details about her new dolls are available on my sister blog here.

If it is a holiday you celebrate, I hope it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas where you are.

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  1. What cute dolls a doll ornaments! Do show photos of you dolly tree or wreath. Yes, it is getting to look a lot like Christmas!

    1. Hi Phyllis,

      Thanks for commenting. I will share photos of the wreath or tree (if I put a tree up).


  2. I love Sweet Pea's face. It's very expressive and natural looking.
    This post is reminding me that when I still had a Christmas tree instead of crèches,we had tiny doll ornaments. I like your idea of having bigger dolls better though, it's so appropriate for a doll collector and must be lovely to look at.
    Thanks for sharing pictures of your new doll and doll ornaments.:-)

    1. Gloria's ability to sculpt such expressive faces is what compels me to want almost every one she makes. None of them have the typical dolly face; all look like real people, someone you might know or have seen once before in your life. Sweet Pea, while only a little girl, has such a serious expression. There are little girls like her who have seen a lot in their young lives, probably much more than a child their age should have seen. But maybe that's not Sweet Pea's story. She's just a well-behaved child looking forward to what Christmas morning will bring.

      Any size doll ornament is always a delight to me. I would love to have tinier ones to decorate the small tabletop trees that I display. (This year I am only using one and it is only decorated thus far with tiny white ribbons). I usually add Barbie ornaments to it, but I was too lazy to debox those and hang them on the tree. Most of my doll ornaments require larger trees. Unless they adorn a wreath or I allow some of my larger dolls to hold them, I am not able to use most.



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