Friday, February 3, 2017

This One Took Forever to Arrive!

9-inch oil-painted cloth doll by Sue Sizemore, made in 2004

Even though her hair looked a disheveled mess, as illustrated in the above photo, taken by the seller, I wanted this 9-inch oil-painted cloth doll because she is an early Sue Sizemore. Without double-checking to ensure the site from which I ordered had my current PO box mailing address, the order was placed and unfortunately shipped to my former PO box.   Because the forwarding service from the old PO box to the new expired several months earlier, the post office returned the doll to the seller! From the date of purchase until the seller resent the package to the correct address, a total of 17 days elapsed.  I had been in communication with the seller throughout this time.  Thanks to her generosity, I was only charged half the cost of the return postage.

Getting her hair coiffed
After the little dear arrived to her new home, I immediately gave her wool hair some much needed attention by glueing it in place in a couple of areas.  Next, I wrapped a ribbon around her head to hold the glued hair down.  After a few hours, the ribbon was removed and she was ready to pose for additional photos.
Her hair looks much better now that it no longer looks windblown.
Painted-on black books have white painted-on buttons.
Dressed in pink and tan gingham dress and off-white pantaloons (both are sewn on), she has painted-on black boots with painted buttons.  On her back she bears the artist's signature with '04, representing 2004, written below the signature.

Her attached hang tag contains the artist's 2004 contact information on front.  The back contains the doll's handwritten description:  "Primitive doll/wool hair/homespun/pink dress/Sue Sizemore."

She appears more comfortable in the seated position, but with the aid of a doll stand or if propped against something, she can stand, too.  I initially was going to use her as a doll for my larger Sue Sizemore doll, Maya.  Because she has such a mature face and has white strands of wool that streak her brown hair, I think I would rather Maya hold a baby doll instead.

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