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CoCo - Creations by Ba'ucham

CoCo by Ra'chel Ba'ucham of Creations by Ba'ucham

In early January 2018, Facebook friend of a few years, Ra'chel Ba'ucham, began posting photos of her newly created crocheted dolls.  I initially inquired about the first one I saw, Ariana. Ra'chel informed me that Ariana and the other dolls she was making would be on exhibit during February after which time she would begin selling. This was perfect timing for me as I was in the midst of a doll-buying hiatus during the entire month of January.

These are the first photos Ra'chel shared of CoCo on Facebook.

Ra'chel posted photos of several additional completed crocheted dolls.  After seeing CoCo's photos, I decided I had to have her!  Ra'chel contacted me at the conclusion of the exhibit, which is when CoCo was purchased.

This 20-inch crocheted doll has a dark brown complexion, dark blonde crocheted hair with two side ponytails adorned at the top with yellow barrettes.

Her ponytails have multiple honey blonde double-strand twists, as illustrated above and in the next photo.

CoCo's double-strand twisted ponytails extend to the back of her knees.

She wears a crocheted yellow dress trimmed in black with a black jacket, white crocheted undies, and black and yellow crocheted shoes that have yellow ribbon appliqu├ęs on top.  Her yellow beaded bracelet is accented by a yellow ribbon flower.

CoCo has nicely shaped legs.
CoCo has dark brown eyes and applied eyelashes.  She has separately crocheted ears to which I added heart-shaped goldtone earrings.

A cloth label identifies Coco as a handmade doll by Ra'Chel Ba'ucham.

The cloth label attached to her bottom reads:

Handmade by:
Ra'chel Ba'ucham
Copyright 2018.

Coco also has a signed certificate of authenticity, which is illustrated next:

CoCo's certificate of authenticity verifies that she is a one of a kind.

Ra'chel recently began making crocheted dolls and miraculously does not use patterns to do so. CoCo is her first dark-skinned crocheted doll.  I have seen similar dolls by other artists but none appealed to me as much as Ra'chel's CoCo.  I am delighted by her presence here.

Prior to CoCo's availability for sale, someone else expressed their intense interest/fascination in a comment to the doll's Facebook photos:


Ra'chel answered: GM. I am the Designer and Crafter of all items displayed. The Gift is from the Master Crafter, "GOD", i am just the vessel that he flow through. These dolls are going to be in a show in late Feb. After the show, they will be up for sale. Will notify everyone soon. Thanks for stopping by.

When my perfectionistic husband first noticed CoCo, he said, "That takes talent!  That takes skill... you have to do that with a needle."  He was quite impressed by Ra'Chel's artistic ability and even more so after I shared that CoCo is a free-hand-made doll.

Learn more about the artist, Ra'chel Ba'ucham in a separate artist's profile published on my Ebony-Essence of Dolls in Black blog here.


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