Thursday, May 7, 2020

Felt Doll by Mary Vasquez

Brown felt doll by Mary Vazquez

This circa 1980s doll by Mary Vazquez manufactured by Lloyderson Dolls of Spain was recently offered on eBay during a time that I obviously needed low-cost retail therapy.

She is 20 inches tall, made of brown felt with a brown felt shoulder plate. Her hard molded, Tweety bird-shaped head is covered with brown felt.

Yarn was used for the baby's short black hair.  She has black side-glancing eyes and a cute pouty mouth.

The body and limbs are stuffed cloth. The limbs are brown felt; the body is white cloth.

She wears a brass-tone bracelet.
This baby wears her original pink and white striped romper, matching bonnet, and a brass-tone bracelet with a charm that reads Mary Vazquez. I'll add white booties to complete her look later.

I think she is adorable.

I have not found much information about the artist or the company for whom she made dolls (Lloyderson Dolls of Spain) but my research will continue and I will update this post accordingly.


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  1. She is really cute and has a unique look.

    1. Thank you, April. It is rare for me to buy baby dolls. Her felt medium and unique look were the deciding factors.


  2. She is too cute. She reminds me of the dolls my mother used to sew in her youth.


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