Wednesday, November 11, 2009

If I Were a Blade or Wesley Snipes Fan...

...I'd certainly own this Hot Toys Blade II figure. 

Photo from

But I'm not, so chances are slim to none that I will ever acquire it. 

The figure retails for around $189.  Additional information and more realistic images can be viewed here.




  1. Wow that is a nice figure! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hot Toys does the best likenesses. I'm not a Snipes or a Blade fan, but that likeness is incredible.

    I'm hoping to get my Mom the Samuel L. Jackson as Octopus figure. Maybe next year? I would justify the cost by considering it a piece of art, more than just a toy.

  3. I collect 1/6 action figures and would love to add Blade to my collection but, I'm also frugal so, I won't be getting this one.

    Hot Toys is one of the best if not the best at producing realistic faces.

    They have a african american true-type figure for $30 that I've preordered that bears a strong likeness to Terrence Howard.

    Like your site:)

  4. BTW I have over 100 action figures and only 13 of them are African American. They are quite hard to find.

  5. Hi Melissa - Thanks for your comment. I'm frugal as well!

    I've also preordered the TrueType AA Male Slim Body figure by Hot Toys. I agree, he favors Terrence Howard.

    I have just developed an interest in 1/6 scale AA figures and discovered that Hot Toys is the best creator of these. I suggested just yesterday that they add an AA female to the TrueType line. Here's hoping!

    Your collection sounds phenomenal.

  6. I like this figure, but he is way out of my price range, especially considering that I already have an "ok" Blade figure.


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