Monday, November 16, 2009

Julia Discounted @ Big Lots

Mattel's reproduction of their 1968 doll tribute to actress Diahann Carroll for her role as the first African American to star in the nonstereotypical primetime TV sit-com, Julia, is currently discounted at Big Lots.  The doll's original retail was $49.99.  Big Lots has it for $20.  This doll has been seen in other cities at Wal-Mart for the same price.  Quantities are limited.  There were only 2 at the Big Lots that I visited today.  I did not purchase either as I already have 3. 

The doll uses the original Midge or vintage Christie head sculpt, features a twist 'n turn waist, bendable legs, and wears a two-piece nurse uniform complete with hat and white high-heel shoes. Also included is a reproduction of the original 1968 booklet printed in full color, which features other Barbies and friends from 1968.

The reproduction doll was created in celebration of Barbie's 50th Anniversary and commemorates the 40th Anniversary of the landmark Julia show, which proved to be a hit by excalating "to the top ten list of most watched programs during its first year..."*


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  1. Big lots is one of my favorite stores to find dolls that have been discontinued. I'm definitely going to look for Julia.

    And thank you BDE for all of your help with linking me to the Reborning information. I truly appreciate it. (Big Hugs)

  2. Oh and lots of laughs @ you didn't purchase the 2 Julias that you saw because you already have 3. I am laughing tears over here. AAAHHHHHH! You just made my day. (winks)

  3. I didn't know that the head mold was ever used for Midge. Do you have any pictures of that? I have a deboxed doll but I could use a boxed doll for my collection. Thanks for the info!

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  5. Here is a link to a photo of 1970s Malibu Christie (vintage Christie head mold) and an original 1960s Midge. Some argue that the heads are different, but their similarities outweigh their differences, in my opinion, with Christie at least being a variation of the original Midge head sculpt


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