Saturday, November 7, 2009

Male Action Figure with Dreadlocks ID'd for Kerri

A link to the above image was used in a previous blog about Dark Skinned Male Dolls, read by one of my readers (Kerri) who wanted the identification of the dreadlocked figure.  The dreadlocked action figure was purchased from Old Joe Infirmary for $4.99.  It was sold as a "Nude African American figure" and has since sold out at OJI.

A Black Doll-E-Zine subscriber, Willena Nanton, informs that this figure is based on the role of Tyr Anasazi played by actor, Keith Hamilton Cobb, in Andromeda.  It was made by Blue Box Toys.   Ms. Nanton asked that I share this information with Kerri. 

I'll go a step further by adding a link to a merchant from whom the figure can be purchased for $14.99, never removed from box:

Thanks again Willena and thanks Kerri for asking. This information is helpful to me as well.

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  1. I almost purchased him, but reality came into play.

  2. I have him. Re-named him Randy. He's cute, but he's got limited articulation.

    I got him from Toy R Us many years ago, but I used to see him sold nude at various online action figure shops.

    Thanks for the link, Debbie.


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