Monday, November 2, 2009

Faceless Dolls N-E-1?

Annie Lee Sass 'N Class Girls Night Out Collection

If you like faceless dolls, you might be interested in acquiring the full set or individual dolls from the Annie Lee Sass 'N Class, Girls Night Out Collection, from 2004.  They are currently deeply discounted at Sandy USA Direct from an original retail of $85.00 each to $5.99 each or the complete set of 10 for $39.99!

I own Beckoning in Blue and Ravishing in Red (RIR), which are featured in chapter 5 of my book, Black Dolls A Comprehensive Guide to Celebrating, Collecting, and Experiencing the Passion.  My RIR is featured in the November 2009 issue of Contemporary Doll Collector.

These 17-1/2in/44.45cm, all-vinyl, individually numbered, LE of 2000 dolls have hangtags and were inspired by the original Annie Lee painting, "High Roller."

Find out more about the artist, Annie Lee, and why facial expressions are absent from her artwork here.




  1. Thanks Debbie! I think that these are great, even though they are not the size that I normally collect. They are tempting though at this price!

  2. Thanks for this information, Debbie!

    I like the variety complexions and her bright gowns. They are bigger than I like, but interesting to see.

    These dolls remind me a little of a small sandstone (?) statue from Kenya I have that has no face. It is delightfully cool and smooth to touch. I intend to use it in a diorama someday ;-D

  3. they are very cool... kinda creepy... but still very cool

  4. I like the faceless dolls. The one in the black polka dotted dress is adorable.

    I think this type of doll allows your imagination to go to work to determine their expressions or personality so to speak.

    I'm creating some Softy Dolls right now that will have EYES only.


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