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Hi:Glamm Nicole is All Legs

Hi:Glamm Nicole by MGA Entertainment/Giochi Preziosi

Reminiscent of Hasbro's 1972-1973 Leggy dolls (see link at end of this post), was a 2007 MGA Entertainment/Giochi Preziosi line of dolls called Hi:Glamm.  Like Hasbro's dolls, the Hi:Glamm dolls are all vinyl and have more legs than torso.  There were four Leggy dolls which were 10 inches tall.  The Hi:Glamm doll line included five, 12-1/2-inch dolls:  Nicole, Pam, Alex, Julia, and Kit.

The back of the box illustrates the eyes of each Hi:Glamm doll and includes each doll's theme.

Nicole's eyes are shown in this illustration on the back of the box.  Her theme: Emotions/Love is indicated.

With a complexion not properly colorized in the back-of-box eye image, my doll, Hi:Glamm Nicole, has the deepest complexion of the five dolls.

Measuring 8-1/4 inches, Nicole's long legs comprise 66% of her overall 12-1/2-inch height.  According to the back of the box, the excessively long legs are "for fun" with "long tights to wear."

Visible through her clear cellophane box is a card that reads in English, French, and Spanish:

I'm romantic and I'd like to marry my Prince Charming!
Her mission statement falls in line with her "emotions/love" theme.  (Nicole wants a man!)

The front and back of the box describe the dolls as "Special Ordinary Girls."  My description of Nicole, entered in my spreadsheet reads:

MGA Entertainment/Giochi Preziosi 2007*
Hi:Glamm Nicole, 12-1/2-inch all-vinyl fashion doll with extremely long legs that measure 8-1/4 inches long.   Nicole has brown hair, the ends of which are crimped.  She has painted green/black eyes.  Her outfit consists of a dark pink knit long-sleeved, midriff blouse with ruffled ribbon neckline; light pink mini skirt with curly furry fibers at the hemline; pink sheer, thigh-high leggings; light pink pumps with dark pink soles and heels; pink/brown animal-print, heart-shaped shoulder bag with lime green strap; and she wears a ribbon choker with pink beads and silver heart pendant.  A white plastic teddy bear is attached to Nicole's left arm.  Accessories attached to the box liner are a plastic framed photo of a blonde-haired guy, pink jewelry box (?); pair of pink bracelets: 1 dark pink, 1 light pink; pair of pink socks, and extra pair of multicolored striped thigh-high leggings.

Under the price column I noted that Nicole was a gift from Dawn Spears.  (Thank you again, Dawn!)

A plastic framed photo of a blonde guy is part of Nicole's accessories.

This appears to be a pink jewelry box.  The top of her extra pair of socks is also seen in this photo.

Heart-shaped pink and brown animal-print shoulder bag has a lime green strap.
Nicole has a cute teddy bear made of plastic.

Nicole's original retail price at Walmart was $19.94.

Nicole has a very lovely face.  Because I can see her and all accessories through the box, I have no plans to release her.  The following out-of-box nude and redressed photos were shared by eBay seller, evanonmarketing:

Nicole's lengthy legs are better viewed in this photo, courtesy of eBay seller evanonmarketing.

Evanonmarketing shared this headshot of a Nicole they offered on eBay recently.

Nicole and the other four Hi:Glamm dolls (and their human counterparts) can be seen in the following 30-second Hi:Glamm commercial from 2007.

A Leggy doll Wikipedia entry compares the Hi:Glamm dolls with their Leggy predecessors:

  • Nicole, a black bombshell who corresponds nicely to Leggy Sue,
  • Julia, whose hair is every bit as orange as Leggy Kate's,
  • Alex, a dark-haired beauty who resembles Leggy Nan,
  • Pam, whose long blonde hair brings Leggy Jill to mind,
  • Kit, an Asian with outrageous pointed bangs, who has no counterpart in the classic Hasbro "Leggy" line.
Hi:Glamm dolls were sold in several different global markets.  Like Leggy dolls, they did not remain on the market beyond a year's time.  The dolls, however, can still be found on the secondary market, specifically on eBay, usually offered by sellers outside the US.

*Giochi Preziosi S.p.A., also known as Gruppo Giochi Preziosi, is an Italian company that produces toys and TV series based on their toys. They work in association with Marathon Media and Mondo TV. (Wikipedia).

Hasbro's Leggy Doll Info

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Monday, January 15, 2018

A Gloria Grandy Cre8tiv Glory

One-of-a-kind 20-inch cloth doll by Gloria Grandy of Cre8tiv Glory

Doll artist, and Facebook friend, Gloria Grandy, makes dolls under the name, Cre8tiv Glory.  After viewing photos of some of her past dolls, I inquired about the above doll's availability in late November 2017.  Because she was still available and had already begun tugging at my heart strings, I made the necessary arrangements to bring this doll to her new home.

Her entry in my spreadsheet reads as follows:
OOAK 20-inch cloth doll with hand-painted facial features, Afro hairstyle, dressed in faux fur zebra dress with black faux leather belt, strappy black sandals; wears gold hoop earrings, and brass-colored beaded necklace with ankh pendant.

This profile photo illustrates the realistic texture of her Afro and also provides a close up of her brass hoop earrings.
Her handmade strappy sandals are made of cloth with felt insoles.  Her toenails, like her fingernails, are painted pink. 

Because of her huge black Afro, I named this doll Angela.  A few friends, six in all, traveled with Angela to her new home:

Ms. Grandy also makes flat felt bookmarks.  Each is a one of a kind with sewn-on fabric clothing, yarn hair, and painted facial features.

Close up of three of Grandy's flat felt bookmarks

Three more bookmarks by Gloria Grandy
I placed one of these inside the Florence Griffith-Joyner book that was sent to my niece for Christmas.  I now have five of Gloria's bookmarks.  They sell for $5 each plus shipping.  No two are alike.  Visit Gloria's Cre8tive Glory page on Facebook if interested in acquiring bookmarks and/or to view other dolls she has made.  

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Heidi Ott Little Ones Leonie

Leonie by Heidi Ott, circa late 1990s

As doll collectors, we have all found dolls offered for a price that was too good to refuse. This was the case with Leonie. The eBay seller offered her in a buy it now auction that also included the make offer feature. I made an offer, which was followed by the seller's counter offer that I accepted. Having retailed for about $100 during the late 1990s, Leonie is part of Swiss doll artist, Heidi Ott's Little Ones series of mostly 12-inch dolls with some smaller babies included in the line.

Leonie is made of artist vinyl with hand painted facial features.  She has a human hair wig styled in two side ponytails, the ends of which have multiple braids.  Her body is brown stockinette-type cloth.  Leonie wears her original dress, pants, and a threaded necklace which matches the ribbons in her hair.

Although they were manufactured around the same time (late 1990s), her twin sister, Saddie preceded Leonie's arrival here by several years.  Both girls share the same head sculpt.  I am not sure which doll was released first, Saddie or Leonie.  I first discovered Leonie in the November 2017 eBay auction.

Both Saddie and brother Tom were purchased shortly after the Little Ones series was released to the market during the late 1990s.  Tom and Saddie still have their original hang tags and both wear their original clothes.  All dolls were released with bare feet.

Saddie, Tom, new-to-me Leonie, and (duplicate) Tom
During a Secret Pal gift exchange in the mid 2000s, I received a duplicate Tom.  Tom #2 had remained in his original box until being released for the above photo.

Baby Harry, who has been part of the doll family since the early 2000s, joins the gang for a group photo. His clothing is all original as well.

Close-up photo of all Little Ones who reside here.  
Leonie is a welcome edition to the doll family.  Believed to have retired from doll making, Heidi Ott's last known dolls were miniatures.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Sophie Sister and Maru and Friend Mini Pals

Sophie Sister by Lollipop Toys

There has been a lag between my doll posts of late which has caused a delay in posting about the last doll purchases of 2017. This post will briefly illustrate and describe some of those dolls.

The dolls shown above and in a close-up photo next are "Sophie Sister," (which is a poor translation by the Jieyang, China-based company for possibly Sophie and Sister or Sophie Sisters).  Ms. Leo published a post about the identical boxed pair she found at a store in her area, which is how I learned about the dolls and eventually acquired my pair (thanks again, Ms. Leo).

Close-up of Sophie Sister (Sophie and Sister)
The dolls are 11-1/2 and 8-1/2 inches tall, respectively.  They have a grayish undertone to their vinyl complexion and unusually thin legs, but their faces are beautiful.  Both are dressed in white party-style dresses, wear pink shoes, and carry pink purses.  Their backs are marked:

041517 DF2017T1
MADE IN Jieyang China
Item #T/4853-4

The head of the larger doll is marked DF (which probably stands for Defa Lucy, another Jieyang, China-based maker of knock-off/clone fashion dolls.  Defa Lucy might be the same company that makes Sophie Sister dolls, but the name "Lollipop Toys" was on the front of my dolls' box).  The smaller doll's head is unmarked.

Their brunette hair is rooted.  Ms. Leo shared that they cannot be rebodied, so I will probably redress both in pants fashions to cover their super skinny legs.  Ms. Leo provides a detailed review, a link to which will be provided at the end of this post.


Holiday Raven Mini Pal by Maru and Friends is a mini version of their 20-inch doll, Raven.

My preordered Holiday Raven Mini Pal, sculpted by Dianna Effner for Maru and Friends, arrived in October of 2017.  This doll is a 13-inch, all-vinyl mini version of the company's 20-inch Raven doll.  Raven Mini Pal is the second African American Mini Pal, with Halle Mini Pal (first seen here) being the first.  Raven Mini Pal wears a white taffeta dress and panties.  She wears red flats with red ribbon bow at vamp.  Her eyes are hazel.  Her dark brown wig has a slight coarse texture to it with two side braids in front.  The tartan plaid headband she wears matches the fabric used for the collar and the piping on the lower skirt of her dress.  This doll was produced in a limited edition of 200 and has a certificate of authenticity, which confirms this.

2017 WLBDA Holiday Mini Pal Raven
After I had already preordered Holiday Mini Pal Raven, the founder of Maru and Friends offered an exclusive edition of mini Raven to my doll group.  This doll is dressed in a lovely off-white dress with gold thread embellishment.  The dress collar is white faux fur.  She wears a white faux fur hat, white panties, and gold shoes that tie at the ankles.  She serves as our first Christmas doll.

Issued in a limited edition of 18 dolls, 2017 WLBDA Holiday Mini Pal Raven has a certificate of authenticity and a hangtag that defines her as our club doll.

The two Holiday Raven Mini Pals pose together.

The two holiday dolls pose with Halle Mini Pal whose head sculpt and hairstyle differ from theirs.

As indicated previously, here is the link to the detailed Sophie and Sister Review by Ms. Leo.

Posts regarding other 2017 doll purchases will follow in subsequent posts.

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Monday, January 8, 2018

Christmas Dolls From a Friend

Top view of opened shipping box filled with beautifully gift wrapped presents from my closest doll friend

The dolls and Possible Dreams Santa figurine shown in this post were gifts from one of my closest doll friends.  She sent other items, but this post only focuses on the dolls and doll-related gifts.

35th Anniversary Barbie Keepsake fashions and 1960s Wendy by Uneeda.

The handwritten, dress-shaped note from my friend that covers Wendy's nude body reads:
This is a clone Barbie for you to color and dress (because she knows I will dye the doll).

The back of the 35th Anniversary Barbie Keepsake box illustrates and describes the two reproduction fashions it includes:  Roman Holiday (1959 #968) and another 1959 reproduction fashion called Easter Parade (#971).

Easter Parade Barbie repro fashion consists of an apple print, polished cotton sheath dress, black faille spring coat, headband bow fashioned from navy blue organza, black patent-look clutch, graduated pearl necklace, matching earrings, short white tricot gloves, and black open-toe pumps.

Roman Holiday is a reproduction of Barbie's original travel ensemble and includes a belted dress with matching red and white ribbed coat with red lining and gold buttoned front,  and a red straw cord half-hat with a bow in the back.  A white plastic purse holds black rimmed glasses in a plastic case, plastic comb, and hankie.  Also included is a tiny brass compact and a tiny pink puff.  Unlike today's Barbie clothes, these two 1959 reproduction fashions are reminiscent of the days when Barbie's fashion ensembles were truly mini replicas of high-end adult clothing and accessories.  Those were the doll playing days!

Annually, from this friend, I receive the current year's Barbie ornament, a close-up of which is next.

The 2017 Holiday Barbie ornament is a mini replica of the 11-1/2-inch Holiday Barbie doll.
Because she knows I like Silkstone Barbies (but rarely buy them), this year I received Little Red Dress Silkstone Barbie, a close-up of her lovely face is next.
Little Red Dress Barbie is from the Gold Label Collection, copyright 2014.
I also receive an annual African American Santa from this friend.  In most years the Santa has been a Possible Dreams Clothique Santa.  This year's Possible Dreams Santa is #4056716 "Baby's First Tree," which includes a kneeling Santa holding a red Christmas stocking in one hand and a list of children's names in the other.  A baby and a white Christmas tree with presents underneath are also included.  Santa has not been removed from the box, but will be displayed next year along with Santas from years past.  A stock photo of this Santa can be seen here.
The next blog posts will focus on the last dolls purchased in 2017 that I have not taken the time to write about.  Please stay tuned.

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Friday, January 5, 2018

Gifts Inspired by Photo of Flo Jo

Florence Delorez Griffith-Joyner (Flo Jo) poses in a circa 1989 photograph with young girls dressed in one-legger track suits inspired by those designed and worn by Flo Jo.  Each girl holds a Flo Jo doll by LJN, copyright 1989. (Photo source:  Pinterest, original source unknown)

After seeing the above photograph of 1988 Olympic gold medal winner Flo Jo, and not yet knowing what I would give my 12-year-old niece for Christmas, the Flo Jo doll came to mind.  Since my niece has been involved in track for the past couple of years at least, the doll seemed appropriate.  At the time the doll purchase was considered, I was not sure if my niece was even familiar with Flo Jo and her accomplishments on or off the track field. So in addition to the doll, I wanted to give her a book  about this remarkable, beautiful woman, known as "The World's Fastest Woman," who unfortunately died in 1998 due to complications of an epileptic seizure.

Flo Jo doll by LJN wears a fashionable track suit similar to the one Flo Jo wore at the 1988 US Olympic Track and Field Trials. 
Close-up of the Flo Jo doll's face.
The Flo Jo doll looks like the lovely Flo Jo.  Dressed in an iconic "one-legger" track suit, there is no mistaking whom the doll represents.  Included with the doll is a gold lamé tote bag, a pair of white running shoes, a brush and a full set of colorful Flo Jo nail stickers.  (Flo Jo was also well known for her lengthy fingernails which were always painted and bejeweled.)

The front side flap of the box illustrates Flo Jo's fashion, fitness, and fantasy styles.  Flo Jo chose to stand apart from the rest, choosing to design unconventional running suits for track competitions.  She also designed clothes for herself.

An image of the lovely Flo Jo on the back of the doll's box illustrates one of her coordinated fashions with coat lining that matches the color of her blouse.

The back of the side flap illustrates the many ways the doll's thick black rooted hair can be styled.

The text in the center on the back of the box reads:
She is an all American beauty and she's right on track with her very own fashions.  This gold medal winner has beautiful hair you can comb and style.  Dress her and change her hair styles to match the fitness and fantasy life style. Collect all of Flo Jo's sensational fashion outfits. 
Below the text is Flo Jo's signature.

In addition to the doll, I also purchased the two following Flo Jo fashions for my niece:

Item #2511 is a one-piece running suit with purple cummerbund, aqua arm band, and pink knee pad.  A white pair of running shoes is also included.

Item  #2510 is a two-piece navy blue suit with bejeweled top and skirt, gold lamé clutch, and gold pumps.
The back of the fashions illustrates all six, separately sold Flo Jo doll fashions, Item #'s 2507, 2508, 2510 are shown on the first row and #'s 2509, 2511, and 2512 are shown on the second row.

In order for her to learn about Flo Jo's early life, her accomplishments in track and field, and in other areas of her life, I included an ex-library copy of Florence Griffith-Joyner by Mark Stewart, which at the time of publication was an authorized biography.  The book was published two years prior to Flo Jo's death.  My niece can gain additional information about Flo Jo's achievements at the Flo Jo website, on Youtube, and other kid-friendly areas of the Internet.

Because all these gifts were vintage, I also included cash inside a custom made personalized purse I had made for my niece.  She's saving for college, she says.


Additional Information About Flo Jo:
  • Grew up in Watts, California.
  • Played with Barbies and designed clothes for her dolls as a child.
  • Maintained an adult interest in fashion design.
  • 1983 graduate of UCLA with a bachelor's degree in psychology.
  • 1984 Olympics, won a silver medal in the 200 meter run.
  • 1987 married Alfredrick Alphonso (Al) Joyner, the Olympic triple jump champion of 1984.  To this union was born one child, a daughter, Mary Joyner, who was a contestant in season 7 of  America's Got Talent.    
  • 1988 Olympics, won three gold medals and a silver.
  • 1988 retired from sports.
  • Sister-in-law and friend to track and field Olympic gold, silver, and bronze winner, Jackie Joyner Kersee
  • In addition to designing her own track suits, Flo Jo designed uniforms for the Indiana Pacers basketball team which were worn for the 1990 through 1997 seasons.
  • In 1992, established the Florence Griffith-Joyner Youth Foundation to help underprivileged children.  It is located in San Diego, California.  
  • In 1993, appointed co-chair of the President's Council on Physical Fitness by President Bill Clinton.
  • Born on the 21st of December 1959, Florence Delorez Griffith-Joyner died in her sleep from asphyxiation during an epileptic seizure on the 21st of September 1998.

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