Saturday, February 2, 2013

Danbury Mint's Michelle Obama at the Inaugural Ball

Screen capture from the Danbury Mint website -- see link below.

Please note the fine print regarding the 16-inch, porcelain doll depicted in the above Danbury Mint order image:  "Image shown is an artist's rendering. Actual doll will vary."  So buyers, please be aware of this. 

The doll wears a replica of the Jason Wu dress worn by the first lady to the 2013 Commander in Chief's Inaugural Ball.

The doll's cost is $149 + $9 shipping (payable in four monthly installments of $39.50 each).  Visit the Danbury Mint website for more information or to order. 


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  1. I saw the photo first and said to myself, "No way that doll will look so great!" Renderings and prototypes cannot be trusted. I'd have to see one that was produced before being tempted by that.

  2. Fool me once, shame on you because it won't happen again.

    I fell for Danbury Mint's artist rendering of their first Michelle Obama doll in 2009 by preordering and returning the doll that looked nothing like the advertised doll. You would think and hope they learned from that deceptive marketing strategy, but I am afraid they may be repeating history with this one.


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