Sunday, July 10, 2011

1st African American 40-inch BJD

Vanessa, the first 40-inch African American ball-jointed doll by Monika Levenig

As I am in the process of finding new homes for some of my larger dolls, Vanessa -- the first 40in/101.6cm African American, ball-jointed doll, by German artist, Monika Levenig, is the first to be placed up for adoption via eBay. 

A Youtube video of the artist demonstrates Vanessa's pose-ability.

The auction includes a full description with a link to a slideshow of images.

To access the auction, click here.
Vanessa sold immediately after being listed on eBay and now resides in Russia.




  1. your doll is so pretty. They are all so amazing. I can't imagine what your storage areas must look like. You should post pics.

    We bought a roller skating girl at a garage sale yesterday. She has on a 1990's neon ensemble and blades. Does this ring a bell for you? Leah has her outside right now, skating and bobbing her little mechanical head side to side. She's a real cutie. I hope I don't start wanting the larger dolls now...I'm already out of control with Fashion Dolls.

  2. Thanks, Kristl. Vanessa is a pretty doll.

    Your garage sale find sounds like Tyco's California Roller Blader. If the back of her neck is marked 1996 TYCO IND. INC./MADE IN CHINA, that's who she is.


  3. 1991 Tyco - but I am very impressed. You are THE authority. I used your description to look her up. That's the one! I knew you would know. Thanks for being so amazing.

  4. You're welcome!

    There are two versions. One is from 1991 and the other 1996. You have the earlier version -- same doll but different outfits.

    Thanks for the compliment!



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