Saturday, December 1, 2018

Sibahle Collection Kickstarter

Ndanaka is Sibahle Collections' next planned doll.  Photo from Instagram.

Sibahle Collection is a relatively new line of dolls.  Their mission is to bring dolls of color to the market for "girls to embrace their natural beauty" and "to encourage children of all races to embrace and celebrate diversity."  The line currently includes Black, Asian, mixed race dolls and a doll that represents albinism.

Sibahle Collection has a Kickstarter campaign that includes several doll rewards, one of which is Ndanaka, a doll that represents the condition of vitiligo.  Ndanaka means, "I am beautiful" in Shona.

By selecting Ndanaka and for a total pledge of approximately $53, which includes shipping, if the Kickstarter funding goal is met, Ndanaka will be the reward with expected delivery in March 2019.

Navigate to the Kickstarter, which ends on December 12, 2018, here.

For more information about Sibahle Collection visit their website or their Etsy Shop for other in-stock dolls and merchandise that can be purchased now.


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  1. This baby is so adorable I am tempted to go off my doll budget. I hope she gets the money so I can buy her later!

    1. I was very tempted to go off my budget too, TGM, but I didn't. I need to check to see if the crowdfunding met the goal.



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