Saturday, October 11, 2008

What People Are Saying About Black Dolls

The first reviews have come in for my book via e-mail and via posts to my guest book. The general consensus is, "I can't put the book down." Below are some of the comments that I have received thus far from those who have read Black Dolls: A Comprehensive Guide to Celebrating, Collecting, and Experiencing the Passion.

"Received my book today I am [impressed] with everything about the book.
The sad thing about this book is now I have another wish book. There
are so many dolls I would love to have in my collection, one in
particular is the Dawn, African American Dale doll.

Debbie thank you I love to read and I love to learn your book offers

D. Spears"


My book arrived Tuesday. I LOVE it! You did an excellent job. I love the size, the color pictures and that you shared your life and made the book personal with all the people-pictures along with the dolls. Thank you for including me in the book with the Juan doll. Where can I critique the book for others to read?



"Hi Debbie,

I can't put the book down! It's such a wonderful collection of dolls - a really beautiful book!

Thanks and congratulations on your great book!

Ping Lau to view my dolls"

"Debbie, I received my three copies of your book today. The photos are excellent throughout.Very informative ... Talk soon, Floyd [Bell]"
"Hi Debbie!
I just wanted you to [know] that I'm really enjoying reading your book!I thought your last book was great but you have really outdone yourself this time ...

... I love history and I love the historical information you have included...

Your A-Z collecting tips were cleverly done and my favorite is the letter "S" for those special dolls. It reminded me of my primitives that have faces that only a mother could love!

BKL" (Bonnie Lewis -- This is her initial email to me ... she's still working on her official review.)
"Hi Debbie!

I received your book yesterday, and I can't put it down! I keep seeing dolls I want to add to my collection ... It truly is a wonderfully thorough book, and I can't wait to tell everyone about it!

Thanks so much!
Dolly hugs,
[Diana E. Vining of]

"Hello Debbie, sorry it has taken so look to email you. I received my book this week. I love it! Thank you so much ... Congratulations on the success of your book.
Additional reviews have and will be posted at

Remember: The next best thing to buying a new doll is buying a book that contains illustrations and information on over 1000!

Debbie Garrett

Author of Black Dolls: A Comprehensive Guide to Celebrating, Collecting, and Experiencing the Passion


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