Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's All Myla's Fault

Black Dolls 1820-1991: An Identification and Value Guide Black Dolls 1820-1991: An Identification and Value Guide by Myla Perkins

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Read shortly after I began collecting dolls in 1991, this book opened up the world of black-doll collecting for me and was my collector's bible for at least a decade. Before reading it, I had been in the black-and-white doll collecting world of "Kansas" until the black-doll identification, value, and history contained within this title placed me in the colorful world of vintage black dolls. I had no idea that so many delightful black dolls had been marketed during my 1950s-1960s, black-doll-less childhood. I immediately conducted a one-woman, uninterrupted mission to add as many as possible of the dolls this book identifies to my collection. Thanks to Ms. Perkins' book and its followup, Black Dolls an Identification and Value Guide Book II, that mission has been accomplished ... almost. There's always that one additional doll that needs to join the others.

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