Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mall Fun

I found Olmec Toy's 1997 doll, Mall Fun Imani and two Menelik dolls when I retrieved another doll this evening that shared the same shelf.  After recently reading a Dolls of Color post about Mai, Kim, and Consuelo by Olmec, I wonder if the doll that accompanies Mall Fun Imani on the back of her box is Consuelo or could she be Mai or Kim

Unfortunately, the text does not identify the other doll.  Interestingly, my doll (Imani) is dressed in the outfit worn by the dark-haired, unidentified doll. 

I did a cursory search for "Olmec catalogue" and found a link to a PDF file about Yla Eason, the founder and president of Olmec Toys.  Readers interested in this now defunct company might find the information in the PDF file interesting.