Sunday, January 3, 2010

S.I.S. Chandra and Zahara

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Chandra's deep complexion is what caught my attention while browsing the doll aisle at Target this afternoon.  This was the only Chandra and Zahara (Chandra teaches Zahara some ballet moves) gift set available.  The box is severely damaged (has slits on both sides) and would not scan for a price.  At the customer service counter, I was told this is a salvaged item no longer in their system or something they never carried (?).  Perhaps someone received it for Christmas and returned it to that store.  Lucky me.  I asked for a reduced price due to the damaged box, which was granted. 

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  1. Wow, how fortunate were you to find the ONLY one and then get a discount to boot? They are really cute. I love Zahara's little tutu. They look like they are rehearsing at Debbie Allen's dance school.

  2. Congratulations, Debbie! I'll look for that set, too.

  3. I've been reading your blog for a while (good stuff!), but had to sign up to comment on this.

    How curious, I had very nearly the same thing happen to me, though a little more passively! I spotted this new giftset (just the one) at one of my local Target stores, placed with several of the SiS giftsets from last year... I took it to the register with my other items, paid and left. I got home and looked at the receipt and the cashier had only charged me $5.00! Target is in the middle of the post-Xmas reset and clearance, so I chalked it up to that chaos. All sorts of odd things show up on Target's toy clearance shelves this time of year, and the cashiers sometimes deal with it on the fly. The whole fashion doll aisle had been reset with new product, including the SiS Rocawear dolls, so I think the set is new to the assortment and hadn't been properly added to the system yet. Glad to get a bargain, but I want to make sure that all of those SiS sales get properly recorded, lol!

  4. Thanks for following my blog and for the compliment.

    Wow... what a bargain. Yours was much better than mine. My discount was only a few dollars compared to the price of last year's dolls. I guess shopping at Target can have its perks immediately after the Christmas holiday. Unfortunately, as you mentioned, my S.I.S. purchase was not properly recorded. It showed up on my receipt as "Merchandise."

  5. A question regarding these ones. The older girl in the set what kind of joints does she have? I was considering grabbing her because from the box she looked like the only SIS doll that had wrist joints for posing. Do her elbows and knees bend too?


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