Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Karito Kids Dolls and Fashions 50% Off Through 05/20/2011!

Join Zulily.com and take advantage (or just view) their daily offerings of discounted children's and women's products.  These include fashions, accessories, and ... dolls!  Dolls are not offered daily, but do surface from time to time.  The dolls featured now are Karito Kids and their fashions at 50% off retail.  The dolls retail for $100.  During this event they are $49.99. The fashions are from $9.99 up.  I already own Lulu, featured on the left, but I ordered three fashions.  The dolls are vinyl except for their abdominal area.

You must become a registered Zulily.com member in order to see the daily offerings and/or make a purchase.  Join now... it's free. 

The featured dolls and fashions above are:  Lulu from Kenya doll and book, Boho Chic fashion, and Gia from Italy doll and book.  Other dolls available are Wan Ling from China with book, Piper from Australia doll and book, Pita from Mexico doll and book, and Zoe from USA doll and book.  Separately sold books are also included in this event for $5.99.  This event ends 05/20/2011 at 6 a.m. PDT.



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