Friday, May 6, 2011

A Mother's Love

From Africa ...

to America, a mother's love endures.*

A Mother's Love

A mother's eyes so often shine with laughter, joy, or tears...and with the pride of seeing children blossom through the years.

A mother's lips give kisses, cautions, praise, and good advice. She shares her faith and values through hard work and sacrifice.

A mother's hands are busy trying to meet her children's needs, but quick to give applause whenever one of them succeeds.

Throughout her children's lives, a mother plays a vital part.

She is their shining star, their inspiration, and their heart.
Author Unknown


*These circa 1970s drawings, signed by Larry Wooden, were unframed when a cousin gave them to my mother during the 1970s.  She (the cousin) purchased them from the artist on a NYC street.  My mother later re-gifted them to me.  

After searching the Internet for images that illustrate a mother's love, I found Son of Ellis' striking image and almost asked if I could use it, before remembering my own. 

As I removed the now framed drawings from the wall in my den for individual close-up photos, I remembered when Mama asked, "Do you want these?" and my thrilled reply, "Yes!"  What a blessing to know the meaning of a mother's love.

Thanks, Mama, for all that you are and for all that you do.


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