Tuesday, May 3, 2011

World Peacekeepers Navy Seals

World Peacekeepers 1:6 scale action figures by M and C Toys
Top:  Navy Seal (NS) Tunnel Hunter
Bottom:  Navy Seal Special OPs

The NS Tunnel Hunter remains part of my collection (as shown in today's previous blog).  The NS Special OPs figure had curiously flat feet, designed to accommodate fins.  I returned him to Big Lots.  Both were purchased there in September 2009 to redress and pair up with playscale females.  I stored Tunnel Hunter's weapons.  He remains dressed in his original military garb.  His female counterpart admires a man/him in uniform... or did.

As noted in today's previous blog, NS Tunnel Hunter proposed to Sunshine Opal this past February.  Opal accepted, but for the past six weeks, at least, he's been mingling with Asha, looking rather dejected, holding an empty ring box (?). 

Did he and Opal part ways?  Did Opal keep the ring?  Is Asha there to console or make her move?  I haven't heard any commotion in the doll room, so I don't know what's really going on.




  1. I have some of these same figures and my ladies very much enjoy their company. Maybe we will see a re-release of the Power Team Navy Seals given recent events. That would be something to celebrate!

  2. Limbe Dolls,

    Did you redress your figures or leave them as is?


  3. What's really goin' on? Didn't take long for the engagement to potentially go sour. But you know, sometimes 6 weeks is enough time when it comes to men.

  4. I wish I knew, Vanessa. :-)

    Their engagement was rather brief, but remember they dated 9 months before he proposed. I guess the thought of being with him until they are parted by death or divorce, whichever comes first, was just too much for Opal to handle.


  5. Like you I don't have much use for all the military gear so it is packed away. Most recently some of the lads have been out dancing with my ladies but they are still wearing their combat boots because their feet are bigger than Ken's and those are the only shoes I have for them that fit!

  6. Hmm ... have to check what other shoes I have for the PT guys. My guys must be bare-footing it ;-P

    Sigh. And to think I stashed away their guns.

    Then again, some of them came with civilian shoes. Sneakers that fit my Fashion Royalty Lukas and some boat-type shoes. I better check ... will get back ....


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