Tuesday, May 31, 2011

They Like Them Taller, Dark, and Handsome

As a result of one reader's comment, "I have yet to meet a 12" GI Joe doll that is as tall as Barbie," posted on my Memorial Day blog, which features several of my male, never-removed-from-box (NRFB) playscale  action figures by Hasbro, I had to see for myself if Joes are, in fact, too short for Barbie and similar-sized dolls. 
L-R:  (c)1992 GI Joe, 2006 Reproduction of 1960s Adventure Team GI Joe, and another (c)1992 GI Joe

First, I retrieved a pair of loose 1992 GI Joes from my son's former bedroom.  These eliminated the need to debox my other Joes.  I did debox Adventure Team GI Joe (a 2006 reproduction of the 1960s GI Joe).  Using a 12-inch metal ruler, I measured each figure.  Repro Joe stands approximately 11-1/4 inches.  The 1992 Joes are 11-1/2 inches. 

Desiree (Mattel) and Boogie Beach Dayle Reese (Integrity) are the females used for the comparison.  Desiree is a little over 11-3/4 inches tall.  Dayle Reese is 12 inches. 

Front trio:  Left and middle (c)1992 GI Joes; front, far right Repro Joe
Back Row:  Desiree (Mattel) far left; Boogie Beach Dayle Reese (Integrity) far right
Back Row: Variety of male playscale figures

Next, I gathered and photographed the entire group of dolls used for the comparison and included the metal ruler in the group image.  The dolls were lined up from left to right on two rows.  The shortest dolls (the Joes, as Vanessa said) were placed on the front row.  Repro Joe (front, far right) is the shortest in the group.

Omega and Boogie Beach Dayle Reese

Triad's Omega the ebony-complexioned doll shown in the above image, is the tallest male doll used in the comparison.  He stands 12-1/4 inches.  As noted previously, Boogie Beach Dayle Reese is the tallest female.

Desiree and Dayle Reese with DID's Obama (with extra body)

With the exception of DID's Obama figure, all dolls' heads are on on their original bodies.  The head  of the DID Obama figure uses an extra action figure body purchased separately to use with the extra head included in the DID Obama set.  I am not sure if the extra body is identical to the body used by the manufacturer, but the figure I created measures approximately 11-3/4 inches tall.

I took several comparison photographs.  These illustrate the size differences in the dolls used for the comparison. 

(c)1992 GI Joe and Desiree

(c)1992 GI Joe and Dayle  Reese

Comparison with 12-inch Tyr Anasazi

Comparison with 12-inch Darren

Comparison with 11-3/4-inch World Peacekeepers Figure

The girls pose with the tallest (Omega), to the shortest (the GI Joes)

Based on my findings, it is safe for me to assume that my NRFB Joes are similar in height to the Joes used in this comparison.  They are shorter than my other playscale males and females.

One finale pose with the tallest, darkest male, Omega.

Like Vanessa of Fashion Dolls at Van's Doll Treasures, I also have never "met" a GI Joe doll that was taller than Barbie. While the playscale males in my collection are all dark and handsome, the Joes definitely did not measure up for Desiree and Dayle Reese.  These two women prefer male companions of Omega's stature; they desire to look up to their men and not down on them.



  1. Thanks for that post. So Hasbro is the misleader when they say their GI Joes are 12". If they were taller, they would have some nice sales from the Fashion doll lovers. They have such a nice variety of men. I don't mind having a couple of short men in the bunch, but my ladies also prefer them tall.

  2. Yes, Hasbro's measurement of their figures is very misleading. But I guess the other manufacturers are guilty of misleading measurements. It appears they all round up to the closest whole or half number as in the case of Desiree who is taller than 11-1/2 inches. Dayle, Darren, and Tyr are the only true 12 inchers in the group.


  3. Yo Ladies!

    We Joes from EastPhilly got a bone to pick with youse over dis height issue. We ain't Kens. We ain't man-candy. We ain't no trophy mate to strut around town. We men and our height don't matter.

    Be glad we men of good character. Be glad we willing to be seen with youse oversized giantesses. And make sure our dinner is hot when it hits da table and that you look good when you serve us.

    Short, our big feet. Youse should have something to complain about.

    Hey, the hummin is coming. Send this message before she gits here.

    Da East Philly Joes

  4. Dear East Philly Joes - Sometiimes size does matter.

  5. LOL @ Da East Philly Joes and Vanessa at 4:08 a.m. Truly laughing out loud.

    EPJs: I woke up this morning thinking about my Joes. Their original purchase intent was not to pair them up with females, but I wanted to know for sure, what I could do with them if these plans ever changed. My thought about them this morning (with their stern facial features that indicate they will kick butt and take names) was would I really want to pair them up with my females or would the females want to be paired up with guys who appear angry all the time? Some might, but for now my girls will remain with the more mild mannered, already loose ones: WPK, Omega, Tyr, Darren, and a couple of Steven/Kens.


  6. Hey, I woke up at 3:48am thinking I had gotten a full night sleep after falling asleep well after midnight. Imagine my surprise. I have been conversing with another insomniac from Canada for the past 2 hrs. Waiting to try to win an ebay bid at 8am. My GI Joe is not as stern looking as your men. DJ Rohan has a pretty mild expression, but killer eyes. Sad when you GI Joes are waking you in the middle of the night. What does your husband say about this craziness? LOL!

  7. I don't share my inner doll thoughts with my husband... which may be one reason he understands my passion as much as he "thinks" he does.

    Actually the Joes didn't wake me. I get up at 3:30 a.m. or thereabouts every morning anyway... it's just that they were the first thing on my mind. My son's Joes, were. They were the only ones I did no place back into their positions of display after the comparison ended. I left them lying flat in the "studio" where I photographed them. My thoughts this morning were whether I should incorporate them into my collection or put them back in my son's toy storage bin.

    I hope you win the auction you're hovering over. I know that feeling all too well.

  8. Very funny! I would like to point out that all of the ladies are standing on tiptoe because their feet are molded for killer heels. If they were flat-footed they probably would not be taller than the Joes. True, no woman likes to be restricted to flats all the time so she doesn't overshadow her mate but if size matters, then the relative size of Joe's feet compared to Ken's might be indicative of another anatomical advantage on the Joe's side!

  9. limbe dolls - No, the flat footed dolls are the same size as the tippy toed dolls. The company apparently makes adjustments accordingly.

  10. I would just like to mention that the beautiful "tall" woman in the purple bathing suit is actually named "Boogie Beach Reese". I have her, too! :-)

  11. Hi Anonymous - You are soooo right. As I typed the blog, I kept wanting to type "Reese" instead of Dayle. I think I did at least once and incorrectly corrected it to Dayle. Thanks for the correction!


  12. Limbe Dolls - to quote Vanessa, "Sometimes size does matter."



  13. D7ana had me laughing with the Philly Joes stuff.


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