Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vendor's Pre- (Philadelphia Doll) Show Plans

On Saturday, May 28, 2011, fellow Black-doll enthusiast, Linda Hayes, will travel from Virginia Beach, VA to Philadelphia, PA to participate as a vendor at the 22nd International Black Doll Show and Sale.  The show is sponsored by the founder and director of the Philadelphia Doll Museum (Barbara Whiteman) and Dark Images.  "Sophisticated Dolls" is the theme.

About this year's upcoming show, Linda writes:
I decided to exhibit at this particular show because I am very familiar with the sponsor and the participants. This is the best Black Doll Show and Sale! Our doll community is largely small, so to speak. We are like a family, and I love connecting with doll people.

(D7ana, A Philly Collector of Playscale and Action Figures, captured images of Linda's table at last year's show and wrote a nice post-show review.)

Linda continues,

This year I want to present a different side than I did last year. I plan on bringing more vintage items:  strollers, dolls, furniture, including stoves, refrigerator, pantry with dishes, antique wicker pram and a pull stroller, if possible; doll stamps, books, etc.   [I will also have] the standbys, Barbies, celebrity dolls, clothes... and yes, they will be priced to sell, as low as a sista' can go without hurting herself.
Linda shared pictures of some of the items she will make available this year:

Antique wicker stroller

Vintage stroller

Vintage Child's Refrigerator

A working Suzy Homemaker Oven

Working Empire Stove

Past shows for Linda have been very successful.  She adds,

Some of my customers said that I had some of the most unique, clean and reasonably price dolls there.   Several complimented me on my knowledge about my product, specifically my vintage Black dolls. They definitely respected and recognized my passion.
Linda is looking forward to another successful show this year and promises to share images and give a post-show report. 

Other exhibitors that I am aware of who will participate in the 22nd International Black Doll Show and Sale include:

Lorna Paris, one-of-a-kind leather doll artist
Goldie Wilson will have original porcelain dolls, oil painted doll portraits, and oil-painted cloth dolls
Kor January (I am told) will be there.  I NEED one of his wooden dolls

Past Philadelphia Black Doll Shows have been held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center; however, this year the show will take place at:
Mitten Hall at Temple University located at Broad and Berks St. (Polett Walk)
Philadelphia, PA
Saturday, May 28, 2011
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Admission:  $7 adults, $5 seniors and children
Philadelphia Doll Museum contact:  215.787.0220
Host hotel:  Conwell Inn 215.235.6200; 888.379.9737

I hope this year's show is fruitful for exhibitors and patrons.  Support them if you can.



  1. Just wanted to let you know that american girl sis releasing new cohistorical characters in late summer. One of them is AA, pictures of the dools themselves haven't been leaked yet, but book covers have. Here's a disscussion/the pictures from a AG collector's forum:

    To view you'll have to join, but it's free :)

  2. I was waiting for an email response (from Dr. Whiteman), but I don't think I'm going to get it. I'll just post about the Convention without my photo of Vanessa and the Doll Show postcard.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the new AG characters, prettyangelsierra! I saw images of one of the books featuring Cecile (the AA character) and Marie-Grace here a few weeks back. The girls are from New Orleans, 1893. I'm still waiting for a modern AA American Girl to be added to the line.


  4. D7ana - the best way to contact Barbara Whiteman is by phone.


  5. Thanks, DBG! I'll phone her. I'd like to donate two Barbies.

    I didn't meet Linda Hayes last year, but her "crew" were some of the nicest people there. They let me take photos and gave me contact information. I look forward to meeting Ms. Hayes.

  6. I'm sure the museum would appreciate your donation D7ana.

    Hope you're able to meet Linda this year.


  7. Thanks for encouraging me to go, DBG! I went, met Linda C. Hayes, and spoke with two others.

    Mitten Hall is lovely; not the best site for photographing stuff, but beautiful.

  8. D7ana - you're welcome. I am glad you attended the show and had an opportunity to meet Linda Hayes.

    Typically, there aren't many vendors with playscale or fashion dolls at the IBDS&S, but you never know. One thing I know for sure is there WILL BE a nice variety of Black dolls there, something or everyone. If I lived closer or within riding distance (I have no immediate plans to ever fly again), nothing but sickness or death could keep me from the show. Nothing but.



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