Thursday, August 4, 2011

700+ Pictures from 2011 Barbie Convention

Barbie enthusiast, Effel Harper, attended last week's 2011 Barbie Convention in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  She shared the link to the wonderful photos she took of dolls, people, and scenery and has allowed me to share the link with you.


Thanks again, Effel




  1. Thanks Effel! So nice of you to share.

  2. I have to give her a big handclap just for uploading over 700 picts.

    Why are the SIS girls sitting on the floor like they don't have home training. Just kidding.

    Loved the Bahama (yellow hair), the Botswana and the Cameroon dolls.

    The handbags are to die for. I wonder if they will be available for sale. I couldn't tell if they were donated, or if the case was donated. The cosmetology dio was very unique. Loved it.

    Did you see the new AA Barbie Basic swimsuit doll? Gotta have her. Here we go again with those darn basics. I love all the suits and accessories. Better start saving my duckies.

    Okay I just looked at all 723 picts. Once I got started I couldn't stop. I didn't see a doll that I didn't like.

    You were probably just looking for a comment like "Thanks for sharing". Sorry for the disertation.

  3. Hugs - Effel's pictures are wonderful. I used the slideshow option to save my "mouse" finger.


    The SIS images were taken at the SIS Party... I think it was a rather "relaxed" event. :-)

    Loved those handbags, too. I knew you'd love the dioramas. The Publix one was pretty neat.

    Yes, I saw the new Basics. Even though they are not articulated, I'll probably break down and purchase the Chandra look-a-like and maybe one of the others.


  4. DBG - Oh, there was an SIS party. Makes sense now. Now that I don't have to worry about buying any more articulated bodies, I feel much better about buying Basics now. Now all I need is a nice big storage case with compartments to hold all the "not in use" heads I have. I just love my new system.


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