Sunday, August 21, 2011

Halle "Livs" the PopLife

The ModelMuse Barbie body is one of my least favorites because of its frozen model pose.  My dolls need to move. 

Die Another Day Barbie (Halle Berry)

After purchasing the Die Another Day Barbie with the Halle Berry head sculpt, I was forced to do my first head swapping on a non-pink box Barbie

Halle and the beheaded Alexis

The prime body donor was Liv's Alexis, specifically the one I picked up at a local thrift store last month.  I used a blow dryer to loosen the vinyl which made the head easily removable.  I did not have to use the same technique with Halle's head because the vinyl is much softer than Alexis's

Halle's head on Alexis's body -- what tiny feet she has 

After the body transplant, I took photos of Halle in her original orange bikini.  It fits the Liv body, but the upper-inner thighs have a wide groove that the bikini does not cover.  I had another outfit in mind for Halle anyway.

I purchased (for the outfit) the redhead PopLife Barbie a couple of months ago.  The doll and box have since "moved" to Poland (thanks to eBay).  I kept the fashion and the chair. 

It fits Halle (or Alexis's) body well.  I was surprised the boots fit the flat feet on Alexis's body, but they do.  If posed properly, the new Halle can even stand without the assistance of a doll stand, but the pink chair will come in handy.

Since I have no use for the ModelMuse body, I listed it and the doll stand on eBay




  1. Halle looks really cool on a LIV body! Congrats on getting her.

  2. She looks good on her new body. I love this doll.

  3. There's my girl Halle. I love that doll. Nice to see what she looks like on a Liv body. Nice to also know that those Model Muse clothes sort of fit the LIV dolls. I love her in the PopLife outfit. How retro!

  4. Thanks, Vanessa.

    The fashion is from the PopLife pivotal body. It might fit the ModelMuse body, but I didn't try it.

    The Fashionista body is too hippy for the PopLife fashion. Otherwise, I would have transplanted Halle's head onto my extra Fashionista body to achieve the desired movement.


  5. DBG - I have the other 2 PopLife outfits. When I mentioned the Model Muse clothes, I was referring to Halle's swimsuit. It doesn't fit the Fashionista bodies, so I was happy to see that the LIV bodies can possibly fit other Model Muse outfits I have. You know I don't use the Model Muse bodies. They may be used in an upcoming fashion show, though. Sounds like you need to get some BB 2.5 bodies. No hips at all on those bodies. LOL!

  6. Hi Vanessa,

    About the clothes: Gotcha. Yes, it is good to know that the Liv dolls can possibly wear MM clothes.

    Maybe you can use your ModelMuse bodies as mannequins in your boutique. Hanging clothing on them is about all they're good for.

    I'm trying to hold off buying the 2.5 doll until the last day of the current sale.



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