Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thank You Sr2011ALT...

...for your glowing August 24, 2011, review of The Doll Blogs:  When Dolls Speak I Listen.  I discovered your review a couple of days ago when looking for a review to add to the book's Facebook page.  Your words deeply touched me:

I was SO EXCITED when I went on line and saw that the "The Doll Blogs" was no longer just an e-book. Debbie Behan Garrett is GREAT in everything that she does related to black dolls and their history. The Doll Blogs book makes you feel like you're right there listening to everything the doll has to say (sort of like a doll diary). It was such a unique idea for a book. I have ALL of Debbie Garrett's books and two magazines with articles about black paper dolls that she wrote. Her research is always very detailed and interesting. She is a "REAL DOLL ENTHUSIAST" that I admire. Best Wishes Debbie in ALL that you do.

The Doll Blogs, back cover with reader reviews of prior works
It is because of you, Sr2011ALT, and others who share my enthusiasm for black dolls that I conduct the necessary research and document the results of the same in book, magazine article, and blog form.   My hope is to one day provide the research results and general doll information in subscription-based form. 

Thank you again for your from-the-heart review (and I hope you follow this blog, as this is my only way of reaching out to you to say "thanks").

For the continued love of black dolls, in my life time,




  1. Wow! That is so nice! Makes me want to buy the book. Well actually, the book is on my list.

  2. Thanks, Vanessa. Maybe we can barter books for furniture.



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