Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tamina Gets a New Dress After All

Tamina by Elisabeth Lindner shows off her new dress.

I love surprises.  One was waiting for me at the post office this past Saturday, a dress with sleeves for Tamina from Betty A (the doll pictured above).

Last month, Betty A. made a capped sleeve dress for a doll of my choice.  The doll I chose was Matoka by Annette Himstedt, but Tamina had been my first choice for that dress.  Unfortunately, the cloth in Tamina's upper arms would have been exposed had she worn it.  I must have shared this with Betty during my thank you conversation with her or in my written thank you letter.  In turn, she made this lovely pink polka dot dress with sleeves, not indicating which doll it was for.  On the drive home from the post office it dawned on me that it must have been made for Tamina.  So Tamina gets a new dress after all thanks to Betty A.

Thank you again Betty (if you ever read this) for sharing your sewing expertise with me and my dolls.  Matoka and now Tamina thank you, too!


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  1. Tamina looks very sweet. Miss Betty is very sweet too to make another dress for her.

  2. And it "fits" her perfectly! I mean the style as well as the physical fit. So lovely! <3

    1. I think so too, Erin. She has a little "grow" room, which is good because children grow like weeds.


  3. That was a wonderful surprise. Taming looks pretty. Doll people are the best (for the most part)!

    Have a lovely Saturday!

  4. Oops"Tamina" looks pretty. This computer is forever making corrections!

  5. Thanks, ladies.

    I agree, doll people are the best!


  6. What lovely surprise! Her upswept hairstyle adds to the sweetness of the dress.

  7. That was sooo sweet. Tamina seems to really like her new dress.


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