Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dolls that WERE for sale in 2001

I received an email this morning in response to a November 19, 2001 message board post regarding dolls I was selling at that time.  Of course I no longer have the Chubbykins doll the writer desires, but the list was quite impressive and the initial statement I made about the dolls is rather comical.  I thought I would share the link here:

As I replied to the potential buyer (I no longer have these dolls):

Hi Wendy,

Obviously the Chubbykins is one that I still do not remember buying (as I noted in the post) or remember selling, but I do know that I no longer have it.  At several points during my quest to find new homes for dolls, I placed them in local antique malls and sold them elsewhere online and locally.  Chubbykins probably found a new home during one of those selling ventures.  Good luck in your search for one. 


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