Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Mr. President!

FLOTUS is prepared to celebrate POTUS's 52nd birthday

Dressed in The Barbie Look On the Red Carpet red gown and red open toe pumps, accessorized with silver clutch and the added-by-me diamond drop earrings and matching diamond necklace, my now one-of-a-kind 1:6 scale First Lady Michelle Obama wishes President Barack Obama a happy 52nd birthday!

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!  (Mr. President is a Hot Toys TrueType Advanced Version African American figure.)
"Thank you, Michelle.  Because of you, it will be happy."

FLOTUS began as Barbie Basics Model 10.  Without cutting her long silky hair, I restyled it into a bang-less pageboy to create a style similar to that worn by the First Lady prior to January 2013.

The following photos illustrate how you too can create a pageboy without permanently shortening the length of a doll's hair.

This picture shows the original loose length of Model 10's hair.

Band the hair, placing the first rubber band just below the desired length, place an additional rubber band below the first  to hold loose strands in place.  Note:  I added a third rubber band near the end before completing the fold, tuck, and smooth procedure, illustrated next.

Fold the lower ends under so that only the top banded portion is exposed, as illustrated above.

The folded portion is folded under again and tucked into place to conceal the top banded area.  Glide a hair pin horizontally through the folded area, if desired.

Next, smooth the loose hair over any exposed humps and tuck away any loose strands to finalize the look as shown below.
Model 10 with pageboy 'do is an excellent stand in as a playscale FLOTUS. 


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  1. Hello from Spain: I join you from my country tribute and congratulate your president. Awesome Barbie . Keep in touch

  2. Great hair tutorial! I'm going to remember that.

  3. I used to use that trick with my own hair. Good to see the FLOTUS and POTUS again.

  4. She looks great in that dress. Love the jewels, too. Happy birthday, Mr. President.

  5. Nice tutorial. Nicer dolls ;-D Thanks for sharing and reminding about the President's birthday.


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