Friday, August 2, 2013

Should Pepino Cut His Hair?

Pepino by Woelfert-Puppen

Pepino by Woelfert-Puppen is a very handsome young boy.  He has not yet had his first haircut.

Pepino and Samuel by Woelfert-Puppen

Do you think Pepino would look better with shorter hair, similar to that worn by his friend, Samuel (shown above); or should Pepino leave his hair long?

Please share your opinion as a comment.  The artist asked for my input, which I have already shared.  With his permission, I am sharing these and the following pictures of Pepino and Samuel and posing the same question to you?  To cut or not to cut? 

Should Pepino risk losing his own unique personality and cut off his long hair?

Thanks for sharing your opinion.

Additional information about Woelfert-Puppen and  available dolls can be found at their website.


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  1. Suggestion from Dru:
    I wouldn't cut the hair. Maybe I'd try the dreads.
    Boy with Dreadlocks

  2. Suggestion from Ruby H.
    I think you should leave [it] just the way it is I really like it. The hair makes him look multicultural.

  3. Gary W S says:
    "like it kinky best!"

    When asked to clarify, he wrote:
    "short! so cute!!"

  4. Dorothy writes:
    Don't cut it, Debbie!

    Give him the dreads, as Dru, suggested!

    He is adorable!!!

  5. "Keep it long. Looks more ethnic," wrote Cheryl.

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you, Erin! It seems the general consensus is to keep it long.

  7. Additional comments off-blog:

    "I'm glad you are restored. Your recent blog about Samuel and Pepino is hilarious. I love his long hair. Forgive me if I spelled the name wrong. Have a wonderful weekend. I hope you got my snail mail.
    Many Blessings in Christ
    Betty Jane"

    "The length is ok but it needs a restyle. Perhaps an afro of dred’s. Looks too much like a girl as it is.

    "I like his hair long.


  8. Janice says:

    "Keep the long hair!!!

    Love & Dolly Hugs,


  9. Sharing another off-blog comment:

    "Personally I dont like males with long hair. They look too girlish for my taste.

    However, I do like men with long locs. Go figure?

    Anyhow, I think Pepito (sp) should either loc his hair, or trim it just a bit.


  10. Noooo, don't cut it. My nephew was growing a "prince's lock" all his life and then when he started private school they made him cut it off because it was a "distraction" and not conforming. Bleck!

    1. How horrible, Muff. There should be laws against forcing children to conform to one standard when no health risk is involved.

      My grandson wore braids (corn rows) until he was 10. It was his decision to cut his hair when he did. It had been cut for the first time when he was around 4 or 5 after wearing braids up until that age, but it grows fast and as soon as it grew back it was braided again. He maintained the braids until age 10. This reminds me of an image I shared of his hair before the final big chop, which can be seen here.



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