Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sale: Daddy’s Babies™ Clowns

The owner of Hamilo, Inc. asked me to share the following sale information with the readers of my blog:

Dear Customer,

We wanted to say thank you in a big way for your business and wish you a very, very


It is 2014 and we would like to offer you this very special deal for $20.14.

Any two clowns in the inventory with free shipping in the USA!  Just reply to this e-mail with your choices.  We will send an invoice for payment of your dolls and the international shipping fee for non-USA customers.

Email your two choices to:  hamilollc@yahoo.com 

Visit www.hamilobabydolls.com for the current inventory (click the Clowns link).  

The sale ends January 31, 2014

(Daddy’s Babies™ Clowns are jointed and measure approximately 5 inches tall.  The Angels are adorable too.  All make nice gifts.  I recently ordered two Angels as gifts.)


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