Friday, February 21, 2014

She's Alive!

Who's alive, you might ask?  Thanks to a few enterprising Mary Englebreit doll enthusiasts and the expertise of doll artist, Berdine Creedy, Georgia and the other dolls in the Mary Englebreit doll line by Robert Tonner can now have resin ball-jointed bodies. Georgia's original 10-inch body is all-vinyl without articulation.  (Scroll down to Illustration 447 to view my two girls here.)

Georgia with new Tenner body (Photo courtesy of Roberta Regnery)

Recently I received an email from Roberta Regnery, one of the enthusiasts, who shared images and links to the website and sales site where the dolls and their new movable "Tenner" bodies can be seen and ordered.  I particularly enjoyed the blog post, "She's Alive."

Visit the website and the ordering page if interested in ordering a resin BJD body for your Georgia, Ann Estelle, and/or other dolls in the Mary Englebreit line.

Thanks again, Roberta, for sharing this information.    


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  1. Thanks, MDW. The Mary Englebreit dolls are adorable. I think it is wonderful now that they and similar-size dolls can optionally have ball-jointed bodies.


  2. That doll looks like she is going to move to the top of the class! She's very studious. I like it.

  3. I always enoy your assessments, Muff!


  4. What a cutie. I love her outfit. Can you remind me how tall she is? Thanks.

    1. Hi Vanessa,

      Georgia and the other dolls in the ME line are 10 inches tall.



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