Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dolls with Books Exhibit Entry 2

Dolls with Books Exhibit, 2nd shelf (left side):  The Story of Harriet Tubman figure set; Addy, Mini Addy, Mini Cécile Ray

Today's entry features dolls on the second shelf  (left side) of my Dolls with Books exhibit.  They are  Harriet Tubman figure set;  Addy, Mini Addy and Mini Cécile Ray by American Girl.   Each of these dolls was sold with a book.  The American Girl dolls, Addy and Cécile Ray have a series of books written about them.  Below is a closer look at these four dolls along with their featured books and the text from their object labels.

 The Story of Harriet Tubman Conductor of the Underground Railroad (figurine set); figures include:  Harriet Tubman, a runaway slave woman and her baby, donkey & carriage, bloodhound, camp setting with camp fire & food, slave quarters, quilt of secret codes, and 32-page book about the Underground Railroad. During a 10-year span beginning in 1849, Harriet Tubman made 19 trips to Maryland and escorted over 300 slaves to freedom.

American Girl Addy by the Pleasant Company [left], 1993 represents a girl from 1864.  She and her mother escaped to Philadelphia to gain their freedom where slavery had been outlawed.  Addy’s Surprise, was written by Connie Porter, published in 1993.  Addy saves money to surprise her mother with a new scarf for Christmas while her mother works on a special Christmas surprise for Addy.  (The mini Addy doll [shown below-- click/tap to enlarge], wears Addy’s Christmas surprise, a dress, her mother made her for Christmas.)

Cécile Ray is the 11th doll in the
   American Girl Historical dolls Series, introduced

   in 2011. A well-to-do girl from 1853 New Orleans,    

   the doll on display is the mini version of the 18-

   inch doll.  In the mini book, Meet Cécile by

   Denise Lewis Patrick, Cécile anticipates

   Mardi Gras, her brother’s return from France, and

   forms a new friendship with a new girl.


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  1. *clap clap clap* I feel like I'm standing at the exhibit!

  2. Muff & Lindaivette -- thank you very much!


  3. Great. I love the Harriet Tubman gift set.

    1. The Harriet Tubman gift set was a gift from a friend several years ago, who wanted me to include in this this exhibit. I have done that since receiving it.



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