Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What a Girl Wants!

New doll
I expected my mid-April decision to temporarily cease all doll buying to prove itself a difficult task. Fortunately, it has been effortless without much temptation at all.  However, a month into the decision, when my daughter sent me the following text message with the subject "Birthday?!?! Whadaya want?" just seconds after I viewed a doll that Linda Hayes was selling, I expressed my desire for the doll. Hey, she asked.

Me:  Oh here we go again (earlier in the month she'd asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day).  How much are you spending?  I saw something for $__ that interests me, but that doesn't include shipping and I need to see more pictures of it before I decide I really want it.

Daughter: I'll get that. Send me the link.

Daughter:  Oh lord. You're so indecisive (she'd just read the "before I decide I really want it" part of my answer).

I see where I get it from.

Me:  I know.  It's the nature of a Gemini, but you are far worse than I have ever been!

Will let you know if I want this or something else later today.
So after requesting and viewing additional photos of Madame Alexander's circa 1965 Leslie ballerina in blue, I "allowed" my daughter to purchase the doll as my birthday gift.  :-)

Leslie was waiting for me at the post office on my birthday.  Other than missing her original drop earrings, which have been replaced by a similar pair, she is in superb condition and still has her original Madame Alexander hang tag which identifies her.  Someone placed a $350 price tag on her, which is far more than my daughter's cost.  Yes, back in the 1990s-day, these dolls were valued as much, but not in today's market.

An original hang tag and tagged Madame Alexander dress are two important features of vintage dolls by this company.  Their boxes are added pluses,but I collect dolls, not boxes.  Additionally, for me, if the original box accompanies a vintage doll, I am more inclined to leave the doll in the box.  Without the box, I can enjoy its presence.
From Virginia Beach, Leslie traveled with two additional "free gift" dolls from Linda.

Doll gifts from Linda as an expression of her appreciation

One of the dolls Linda sent is a circa 1970s, 15-inch fashion doll (with shag hairstyle) made in Hong Kong, the other a souvenir doll from Puerto Rico.  The souvenir doll holds a woven straw handbag with floral accents that match those at the waist of her dress.

The '70s fashion doll is adorned with rhinestone earrings, necklace, and bracelet that are appropriate for her more mature look.  I replaced the blue gingham dress and bonnet she arrived wearing with Dena's yellow dress and shrug, which better complement the jewelry.  Her new look is completed by a pair of black flats that I had on hand.

70s girl shows off her shag 'do and her curves.  
The souvenir doll is now on a shelf with other similar souvenir dolls of her 60/70-ish time period. On the opposite side of the room, Leslie has joined two of my three other Leslies, a bride and ballerina in pink.  They were introduced here along with another Leslie that wears a Franklin Mint dress designed for their Princess Diana doll.

While others delight in a variety of other things to purchase for themselves or to receive as gifts, dolls are my thing.  For any occasion, give me a doll--a non-porcelain brown or black doll created as a positive reflection of black beauty--and I'm happy, especially during a time when I have chosen not to buy them for myself.




  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Ballerina Leslie is precious.

  2. Such a nice addition to your collection!

  3. Happy belated Birthday Debbie!! That is so sweet that you received such a special gift.

  4. What a great present! Do they always ask you what you want or are you ever surprised by them sometimes?

    1. Hi Muff,

      My daughter is the only one who usually asks. I am surprised by everyone else.


    2. (Unless I ask for something specific, that is, from those who buy the surprises, and I usually do not.)


  5. I'm real late, but happy belated birthday! That's nice that you were able to secure a couple of nice dolls without breaking any rules.


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