Saturday, August 1, 2015

I Need to Sell Two of These

Ventriloquist and pull-string talking dolls, L-R:  1960s Lester by Juro holds Talking Lester, a pull string talker, circa 1980s by EEGEE/Goldberger; Willie Talk by Horsman, circa 1972-1980s; and Lester ventriloquist by EEGEE 1970s.  With the exception of Lester in yellow shirt, all mouths are designed to move.   

The title of this post is what I thought when I looked at the above group of ventriloquist dolls seated together in a white child-size chair in the doll room. The two I had in mind to sell were Talking Lester, the one on the left with the "L" on his yellow shirt and the other Lester ventriloquist that wears the plaid pants on the far right. Who knew that I would receive an email inquiry the following week requesting leads on where to purchase the 1970s version (plaid pants)? Well I did and long story short (after I shared links with the potential buyer to a new-in-box version on eBay) my former Lester now lives in a new home and the buyer is thoroughly pleased, describing him as beautiful.

I took the following full view and head shot photos of Lester before he departed as a reminder of his presence here for the past 10 years or so. I had second thoughts about selling him, which is why I offered links to eBay to the buyer, who insisted that she wanted the one from my collection because "the new one doesn't hold the same sentiment."

In addition to the recent photos, both Lesters are documented in my book (hard copy and eBook), Black Dolls a Comprehensive Guide to Celebrating, Collecting, and Experiencing the Passion. Their entry from the eBook is shared below:

Now I need to find a new home for the pull-string Talking Lester. He still works by saying a variety of things when his pull string is pulled.  If you know anyone who wants him, tell them to give me a holler or an email. He's $30 plus shipping to seriously interested buyers.




  1. uuu, gadających lalek zawsze się bałam...

    1. No need to be afraid, Inka.

      The other one (the pull-string Talking Lester) that I wanted to sell has recently also found a new home. Based on the photo his new owner shared with me just last night, he looks happy in his new surroundings.



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