Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Celebrate the Magic of Christmas, Art Dolls by Daisy Carr

Books of the Bible 11-1/2-inch cloth doll by Daisy Carr, photograph courtesy of Cheryl Bruce

The above Books of the Bible doll was created by Maryland-based doll artist, Daisy Carr, circa 2007. It is featured in chapter 2 of  Black Dolls a Comprehensive Guide to Celebrating, Collecting, and Experiencing the Passion. This interesting doll has the names of the books of the Old Testament on one side of the body and the books of the New Testament on the other.  Both sides have a face.   The photo of this doll brought Carr's doll artistry to my attention in 2008.

Several years after including the Books of the Bible doll in my book, I contacted Carr to feature her dolls on this blog.  She sent several hard copies of photos by mail to me that had been taken in low lighting.  I scanned these but was unsuccessful at achieving publish-worthy copies of the photos. Therefore, the feature post remained on the back burner, until now.  In addition to wanting to feature Carr's dolls here, I also have wanted to own at least one of her one-of-a-kind art dolls.  Little did I know this would eventually happen.

This past Christmas season, Cheryl Bruce, the owner of the Books of the Bible doll, who has been a long-time member of my doll group, asked me if I received a package she had mailed to me. At the time she asked, I had not.  Last week, however, after three months, the package finally arrived!

I opened the package before returning home and shouted for joy upon viewing the contents:  a doll ornament by Daisy Carr!  Finally, I own at least one Daisy Carr piece.

The front and back of the ornament are shown above.  What appears to be a long strand of hair are loops of yarn by which the 9-inch ornament can hang.

In this photo, the loop of yarn is extended to illustrate how the ornament will look when hung.

Along with the Daisy Carr ornament, a Christmas greeting from Cheryl was in the package which reads:  Celebrate the magic of Christmas!

I am still celebrating.

Thank you again, Cheryl, for your thoughtful gift.  I am thrilled it finally arrived.


Below are more enhanced versions of the scanned photos Daisy Carr sent in approximately 2009. The images are still rather grainy which compromises details, but they are much better than they were initially.

In this photo, lying on the table are a couple of Carr's Books of the Bible dolls.

What took so long for Cheryl's package to reach me?  It was addressed to my former PO Box, which was closed November 30, 2015, but a forwarding address form was in place two weeks prior to that PO box being closed.  Why it took the PO three months to complete the forward, remains a mystery.

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  1. The post office strikes again. The ornament is so festive! It's almost like she's dancin'.

    1. I agree, Muff. My little ornament does appear to be a very graceful dancer. I can imagine this will be even more evident once she is dangling from a tree she decorates or other object and allowed to "move" freely.



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