Wednesday, March 2, 2016

DC Super Hero Girls Action Dolls by Mattel

12-inch DC Super Hero Girls action dolls by Mattel from L-R:  Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and Bumblebee

Product Description: "Inspired by the powerful students of DC Super Hero High, the 12-inch DC Super Hero Girls action dolls come with accessories that showcase each character's unique abilities. From a routine school day to a Super Hero adventure, the galaxy is the limit!"

Bumblebee is a "buzz-worthy scientist."

L-R:  Batgirl (tech genius), Bumble Bee (in action) and Harley Quinn (class clown)

Descriptions of the Other Three:
Poison Ivy is a plant whisperer.
Supergirl is sweet, but a strong super hero.
Wonder Woman is a leader.

Bumblebee is described by one owner (CJStarzForever on Instagram) who purchased from Target for $19.99 as:  really cute and I love the body.  It's like a bigger, thicker muscle toned Ever After High Body.  

Below are photos of Bumblebee, courtesy of CJStarzForever on Instagram.

Comparison photo of Bumblee with Bryden (Project Mc2) and Desiree/Nikki (Mattel)
CJStarzForever wrote:  This girl is so dope once she's out of the Super Hero get-up! 
And I say, Look at those shapely, well-toned legs!  I need a pair for myself. :-) 

Finding other shoes for Bumblebee (Bee) and the others might pose a problem because their feet are too large to fit Monster High shoes.  Locating a complete "off-the-rack" ensemble, particularly one that includes pants, might be problematic due to Bee's muscular calves.   But we can always create cut-off shorts. (In the above photo, CJStarzForever cut-off a pair of Moxie Girlz jeans.)

In this photo, Bumblebee wears a pair of My Scene shorts.

A little mixing and matching to perfection is going on here.

In the above photo, Bee mixes and matches a variety of pieces for a well-put-together look:
Top: My Scene
Shorts: Integrity Janay
Shoes: Project MC2
Chain: CJStarzForever


At the time this post was published, buy pages at had been created for some of the 12-inch and smaller, 6-inch DC Super Hero Girls.  Online ordering, however, was not yet available.

See more animated images and additional doll images in a photo gallery here.

Thank you CJStarzForever for sharing photos of Bumblebee!  She is dope!

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  1. Huh, she looks very different post-restyling - almost like a different character!

    I picked up the action figure version of Bumblebee, and I'm starting to think I may "need" to find a few more of them - I really like what they've done with both sizes in this release!

    1. She looks amazing the way CJ Starz Forever restyled her. His restyling is what influenced my purchase.


  2. Has anyone found a place to get bumblebee appearal for girls

    1. Are you wanting to buy bumblebee apparel for girls that has images of the Bumblebee doll on it?


    2. The only D. C. Super Hero Apparel that I have seen online only includes three of the characters and neither of the three is Bumblebee. You'll probably need to write Mattel and ask them why apparel is only included for Batgirl, Supergirl and Wonderwoman.



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