Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Shasha's Tips on Collection, Storage, Display and Organization Parts 2 and 3

I posted the link to Shasha's first installment on Collection, Storage, Display and Organization, here.

She has since written an additional followup and a finale.

Part 2 of focuses on Dolly Must Haves.

Part 3, the final installment, offers additional information on getting and keeping your collection organized.

Thank you, Shasha, for compiling these useful tips.

(The above photo  of a corner of my doll room was taken about 12 years ago when the entire room was more organized thanks to my husband and one of my dearest friends.  It, unfortunately is not as kind and gentle in appearance as this photo illustrates.)

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  1. Thank-you! There are lots of interesting ideas and it's fun to see how others organize their dolls and the accessories and knickknacks that come with that hobby.

    1. I am happy you found Sasha's tips helpful, Maricha!



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