Thursday, June 23, 2016

WellieWishers are Available Now with Free Shipping!

The dolls are 14-1/2 inches tall constructed of plastic and vinyl and retail for $60.  There are dresses, socks, and see-through Wellies (rain boots) for girls and so many other doll-lightful accessories for girls and the dolls, including a playhouse!

A WellieWishers animated series will begin streaming this fall.

Shipping is free through 7/31/16; so I will probably order Kendall and possibly Ashlyn before then.

See all that is available here.

Happy browsing/shopping!

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  1. They are so cute and I saw the playhouse on the commercial!! So exciting, should I order today or purchase in the store .. Will they sell out? This is a wonderfulln doll and perfect for the kid who is not ready for a 18 AG doll.

  2. If there is a store near you, it would be great to see them in person prior to purchasing. I agree that these are wonderful dolls for children who are not quite ready for the 18-inch AG dolls. (Great for doll enthusiasts, too.)

    Shipping is free until 7/31/2016 if you do decide to order.


  3. Too cute! I'm considering Kendall and Emerson for my girls. I always start my Christmas shopping in June/July. Thanks for posting the free shipping info!

    1. Those two will pair up well together, Jewell. The free shipping helps!


  4. kalosze zwalają z nóg!!!
    rewelacyjny koncept i jaki
    humorystyczny efekt!!!


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