Friday, August 12, 2016

Wee 3 Friends Janet How One Became Four

Wee 3 Friends Janet from unknown Wee 3 Friends set.

I purchased my first Wee 3 Friends Janet (shown above) in May to serve as a replacement for Polly Pockets Janet, the doll I hosted in March as part of a travel doll event.  I missed Janet and wanted a replacement travel doll in a similar size to take with me on outings (if I so desire). As of yet, Wee 3 Friends Janet has not left the house.

The one that got away, Janet from the Rain! Rain! Rain! set

After learning that different versions of Wee 3 Friends Janet were made with reference to hairstyle, complexion and knee articulation, I desired another with a darker complexion and bangs.  I found one listed on eBay that had been part of the Rain! Rain! Rain! set (seen immediately above).  The beginning bid was under $5.  I had planned to bid before the auction ended.  As I sat at my computer that evening with a note to myself placed on the keyboard that read:  bid on auction, I was so engrossed in writing a blog post that I forgot to do what the note instructed! Darn, darn, darn!  Where's a glass punch bowl to throw down and break when you need it?  (Those who are familiar with the 1970s TV sit-com Good Times will understand my previous statement.)

I soon overcame the frustration of that loss and continued to look for and eventually found a listing for a mint in package Janet with darker complexion and bangs.  The doll was included in the complete Rain! Rain! Rain! set which includes Stacie, Lila and all three dolls' pets and accessories. Offered as a pricey buy it now or make offer, I made an offer, which the seller declined.  I made a higher offer, but before he could decline that offer, a mint in unopened package Wee 3 Friends Snow! Snow! Snow! set was listed.

Janet greets the three Snow! Snow! Snow! Wee 3 Friends dolls

This set (copyright 2004) was listed in a buy it now auction for $50 or make offer.  I took my chances and said, what the heck, I'll offer $25.  Who knew the seller would accept?  I immediately cancelled the second offer made to the reluctant Rain! Rain! Rain! seller and paid for the Snow! Snow! Snow! set.

My original Wee 3 Friends (W3F) Janet poses with Janet from the Snow! Snow! Snow! set.
As illustrated in the photo above of the two Janets, the doll from the Snow! Snow! Snow! set has a slightly deeper complexion.  Her hairstyle includes bangs.  Both dolls have stationary knees.

The following photos are also from the Snow! Snow! Snow! set.
Janet#1 squeezed herself inside the carrying case to take a group photo with her twin and new friends.  There are cups, snowballs, puppies, and a pair of  ice skates included in the package for each girl (minus Janet #1, of course).

This is one of the girls' puppies.
One of the three pairs of ice skates

Here are two more puppies.  In one hand, Stacie holds a snowball.

Janet #2 shared her snowball with Janet #1.
After the Snow! Snow! Snow! transaction, another eBay seller listed two nude, preloved W3F Janets, one with bangs and click-bend knees, the other without bangs with stationary knees.

Two more Janets arrived

I wanted this pair to dress in Stacie and Lila's Snow! Snow! Snow! fashions.  The seller's price was reasonable, but I asked if she would sell them for less due to the stain she described on one of the doll's legs.  She agreed!

So that's how one Wee 3 Friends Janet became four.  As illustrated, all four dolls fit nicely into the Snow! Snow! Snow! carrying case.  The two formerly nude dolls are the center doll in replaced pink leggings and the doll on the far right in lime green cap.  The latter is the one with bangs and click-bend knees.  The center doll's former braid was taken down, rebraided on both sides in the front and the ends pulled to the back of her head and held together with a rubber band.

Oh and in case you're wondering what happened to Stacie and Lila, they have found a new home.

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  1. Wee3Friends are nice dolls and very sturdy. I needed Stacie bodies for some dolls I plan to customize and ended up with 2 Janets that look like your first one.
    I was only aware of the set that features them as ballerinas, I'll be on the lookout for their winter and rain clothes now. Canadian dolls need that:-) Your Janets are ready for Mother Nature's tricks.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures and how you got them. I think I've only put in an offer once, I should do it more often. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    1. They do have very sturdy bodies Maricha. I was watching three Rain! Rain! Rain! girls this week but decided against bidding because I purchased a couple of other things instead. I am sure they will show up again. I think the rain coats and boots are cute! You're right, you need the rain and snow fashions there.

      You're also right that nothing ventured, nothing gained. As my mother always says, "It never hurts to ask."


  2. I have never heard of these dolls before reading about them here! They are very cute and I'm glad you were able to find some at such a great deal. :)

    1. Thank you, Farrah Lily. I remember seeing them in Toys R Us when they were on the market. I agree; they are cute.


  3. Love the Wee 3 Friends. I think they have the cutest faces.

  4. So are they the same size as my Stacie and Janet dolls? I kind of remember Mattel making larger dolls, that were much bigger than the regular ones. They are cute, and I love the clothes.

    1. Wee 3 Friends are about an inch to an inch and a half taller than Stacie and Janet. Their bodies are larger, too; so they cannot share clothes.

      Still small enough to take out and about, though, when and if I ever decide to do this outside of an actual travel doll event.



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