Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Another Competitor for Wellie-Wishers: Glitter Girls, a Target Exclusive

The above video was produced and published by American Girl Ideas.  The dolls are 14-1/2 inches tall and are manufactured by Battat, the same company that manufactures Target's Our Generation Girls and Lori dolls. 

Still shot from the above video of the Glitter Girls dolls

A Target-exclusive line, they retail for $20.  Read more about the Glitter Girls here.

Link to video if it fails to load:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2Jfgi3ibc4


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  1. "Glitter Girls" is not my favorite name for a doll line, but the dolls themselves are pretty cute and the price point is a bargain.

    1. LOL! Glitter period is not a good theme for a doll (IMO)... especially if there is actual glitter on the clothing, accessories, and box. I can just imagine there being glitter all over the place. They are interesting-looking dolls, however.


  2. These dolls are very cute. And although the body is almost an exact copy of AG Wellie Wishers, the faces are very different. I'd say Battat is still in the game especially with that price.


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