Friday, October 27, 2017

A Doll-Lightful Thank you

Note card from Shawatha K. has image of Mattel's vintage Christie on front.

After being lost in post office space for nearly two months, a package from fellow WLBDA member, Shawatha K., finally arrived on October 21, 2017.

On September 15th, by way of Facebook Messenger, Shawatha asked if I had received a package from her.  I had not.  Due to transposed numbers in the address, it took the post office nearly two months to figure out to whom the package belonged.

In addition to the note card, Shawatha sent a Barbie-size souvenir T-shirt from the 2017 Barbie convention with the convention's slogan:  "Blast Off with Barbie" on front.  A floral sundress, straw hat, and purple pumps were also in the package.

The fashion is modeled by Princess of South Africa Barbie.

Princess of South Africa Barbie was chosen to model the fashion, which is perfect for her.  She took several photos from different angles, which all prove how very photogenic she is:

Princess of South Africa takes a close-up photo in her new ensemble.

She looks stunning from all angles.

This photo and the next illustrate the matching headband and floral accents that are on the white straw hat.

One final close-up proves how lovely she is and how well the camera loves her.

The inside of the note card from Shawatha reads:
Thanks for being the best doll club president in the world.
Shawatha Kendrick

Thank you so much, Shawatha, for this very nice gesture of your appreciation.  I appreciate you, as well as the other members of WLBDA!


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  1. I'm glad your parcel was found and brought to you at last. Princess of South Africa really looks good in the floral dress and the hat.

    1. Thank you, Arlette! I think blue is a great color for her (and white and a host of other colors). :-)


  2. Nice package. Glad it FINALLY made it to you. I received the wall painting of that note card (Vintage Christie) you have displayed in your picture at the 2017 Barbie Convention. The artist Debbie Curtis is a friend of mine and does GREAT BARBIE paintings (and note-cards). Great package!!!!

    1. Thanks "Unknown." I visited Debbie Curtis's website; her artwork is lovely. Lucky you to own one of her paintings.


    2. Thank you! I own several and can't pick a favorite. LOVE your BLOG!!!! Keep up the GREAT WORK.

      Unknown is BlackBarbieKIA :) :)

    3. Wonderful... you're more than lucky; you're blessed!

      Thanks for the compliment on my blog. Hope you'll continue reading, BlackBarbieKIA.



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