Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Family Dollar Lovely Patsy Chef Set Doll

11-1/2 inch Chef Doll by Lovely Patsy, Ltd.

After grocery shopping at Aldi, I visited Family Dollar, which is in the same shopping strip.  I only needed to purchase a couple of household things that Aldi does not sell (Chlorox spray bleach for bathroom sanitizing and a package of cellulose sponges).

Family Dollar's toy aisle is now at the front of the store, so of course, I browsed the doll section, which is where I found this Lovely Patsy, Ltd. Chef Set doll. (I would have still browsed the toy section, no matter where it's located in the store.)

There was one blonde and several African American versions in stock.  I do not recall if the blonde uses the same head sculpt, but it was this doll's head sculpt that influenced the $5 purchase. Her unique face reminds me of someone whom I cannot pinpoint at this moment.  The thought of using her for eye repainting practice entered my mind as I examined all dolls to find one without imperfections.  I initially reached for the one with black hair, but the tip of her nose was blemished from being pressed against the plastic front of the box.  So I chose the most perfect brown-haired doll. 

Still attached to the box liner, the chef was removed from the box for a better photo.

Under column headings:  Manufacturer/Artist, Name, and Description, her spreadsheet entry reads:

Lovely Patsy Ltd, circa 2017 Chef Set from Family Dollar 11-1/2-inch fashion doll with brown rooted hair, has a unique face, wears white satin dress, red neck tie; has pink and white polka dot apron, pink pumps.  Accessories include cooking utensils (a pair of tongs, a knife, spoon, and spatula), bowl, cup/saucer, tray of pastries, boiler, skillet with top, and a pitcher.

The month of purchase and price are also headed columns of the spreadsheet under which were typed, September and $5, respectively.  She is not jointed, but for $5, I would not expect that extra detail.  She does have click-bend knees.  Her arms and legs are made of a pliable vinyl.  The body is  hard plastic.

As indicated, I purchased this doll in September, but now that the holiday season is steadily approaching, Family Dollar, Dollar General, and other such stores will beef up their toy department with dolls (and other toys), some of which might be worth purchasing.

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  1. My motto: Always browse the toy section, even if you need a map to find it.

  2. I saw the one the other day! I purchase the genie doll!

    1. I have to go back (to another Family Dollar, that is) to see if the one with black hair is available. I now know who she reminds me of, but that person has black hair.

      Congrats on the getting the Genie!



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