Friday, November 10, 2017

Congratulations Brains and Beauty Dolls!

I am pleased to announce the Brains and Beauty Dolls Kickstarter, which ended October 27, 2017, has been successfully funded!  Within 33 days, 71 backers pledged $22,203 to help bring this project to life!  This is proof that dolls, like Brains and Beauty Dolls, designed to accurately represent girls of color, are desired in the marketplace.

Congratulations to you, Ms. Niya Dorsey, for your hard work and dedication in creating "the first 18-inch empowering, talking doll with real stylable hair."  You did it!

Brains and Beauty Dolls Malia

Production of the Malia doll has now begun with an estimated February 2018 delivery of dolls and other products offered through Kickstarter pledges.

Although the Kickstarter has ended with successful funding, preorders for the 18-inch Malia doll continue at the Brains and Beauty Dolls website.  Buy a doll for yourself (if you are a doll collector or if you just like the concept) or buy one for a child.

While many parents routinely only purchase dolls for their children as gifts for Christmas, birthdays, and other "special" occasions, I am a firm believer that dolls are great gifts for any occasion.  So while Malia will not be available in time for Christmas 2017, this should not prevent the now-purchase of this innovative, first-of-it's-kind, beautiful, empowering, talking doll that is appropriate for any child at any time.

The goal of Brains and Beauty Dolls is "to create an entire line of dolls and accessories to keep the fun going while motivating our girls."

Shop now, here.

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