Monday, November 6, 2017

Maru and Friends Halle Mini Pal

Maru and Friends Halle Mini Pal was preordered in July of this year. She arrived on November 4, 2017.

Still attached to the box liner, Halle is ready to be free.  

Her certificate of authenticity (shown behind her in the above image), reads:

Certificate of Authenticity
Limited Edition Series
This certifies that your beautiful Halle Mini Pal was sculpted by the award-winning artist Dianna Effner. Exclusive design made in America by Maru and Friends, LLC.

It should also be noted that Halle Mini Pal is the first Mini Pal with this complexion.  She was preceded by other Mini Pals:  Maru, Chad, and Savannah.  

Dressed in a white turtleneck, white panties, white animal-print leggings, white sweater cape with faux fur at neck, and gray faux suede ankle boots, Halle is 13 inches tall.

She is all vinyl with dark brown inset eyes and a black curly wig, which I finger manipulated to fluff out the curls.

Because she was preordered, Maru and Friends included the above pack-of-three pastel trimmed panties.

After her release from the box, Halle was soon greeted by Maru and Friends Raven and Tanya. Even though the taller girls are dressed for warmer weather, they were eager to take photos with Halle.

Raven, Halle and Tanya's first meeting.

They each join hands.
In addition to Halle Mini Pal, the newest Mini Pal, Raven, will arrive in time for Thanksgiving.

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