Thursday, May 31, 2018

It's Over!

All is well.  My blog posts are no longer being copied onto the offending website.  The nightmare has ended and I am so relieved. 


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  1. I am glad this is over for you as well. How did you figure out this was happening? I have seen a few of my photos on other's blogs or Facebook pages, but don't think anyone has claimed an entire blogpost as their own. I just wondered how you know this was happening.

  2. Hi Phyllis,


    I too have found my photos on other people's websites as well as on Facebook, which is why I began watermarking my images with a copyright, but even that often does not prevent people from using photos without permission.

    In early May, the great niece of NIADA doll artist, Gladys MacDowell gave a presentation at the 50th Anniversary of the Gladys MacDowell Doll Study Group. I own three of the same 1950s Gladys MacDowell dolls that the artist named Tuesday. While conducting research for the presentation, her niece, Jo Maeder, searched the Internet and found the link to one of the scraped blog posts. Jo (who I am FB friends with), knew I had written about my dolls and unknowingly added the link to the fake post to her FB page and tagged me in it to thank me for the research I have done on her great aunt's dolls. When I followed the URL of the link, I noticed it did not direct to my original post. Instead it took me to the offending website. That's when I discovered that all my blog posts were being fed into this site's blog page and this had been happening for several months!

    So to find out if an entire blog post has been scraped, enter the title of a post or tag words from it into a search engine. If results lead only to your blog, your posts are not being scraped. If it leads elsewhere, your post has been scraped.

    Thanks to the shared link and the tag to me on FB, I found out this was happening to me. Here is the link that Jo shared (which now takes you to a 404 Not Found Page), but before they removed the fake blog page and blog feed from the website, the entire post, including my photos, was there along with all other previous posts that dated back almost a year. I still find it annoying that my post titles still come up in search results directed to their website, but at least the posts are no longer there.

  3. I’m sorry you had to go through this. Thanks for letting us know about this type of scam. I have a friend who had all of her children’s photos and her life claimed & stolen by a real sicko on Facebook. Imagine seeing your children’s pictures being touted as someone else’s and you don’t know that person. Real disturbing stuff.

    1. Thank you, Brenova. We all have to be careful with the information we share online because you never know who is copying and saving your photos to be used as their own or to share in places online without your knowledge or approval.



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