Friday, May 4, 2018

Barbie Fashionistas #90 and #80 Box Free

Barbie Fashionistas #90 (Rainbow Bright/Ryan) and #80 (Cheerful Check/CeeCee)
The above two Barbie Fashionistas #90 and #80 have been deboxed.  I was surprised to find that the back of Fashionista #90 (Ryan's) dress is purple.

Ryan models the front and back of her rainbow-colored dress which, as indicated, is purple in the back.  Ryan also has very nice, silky, bone straight hair. 

The back of CeeCee's dress is the same as the front:
CeeCee models the front and back of her dress.  The heels of her red vinyl shoes are flimsy; one heel was already bent upon arrival.
Complexion comparisons between Ryan and five different dark-skinned Barbies are shown below followed by Ryan and CeeCee modeling Sparkle Girlz fashions.

Ryan's Complexion Comparisons

Ryan's complexion is darker than So In Style Chandra's.

Ryan's complexion is slightly lighter than Model of the Moment Nichelle's.  Ryan would be frozen into the ModelMuse position if this body were swapped for hers.

Musician Barbie's complexion is lighter than Ryan's. This would not be a good body swap for articulation.

Another close, but not exact, complexion match is Barbie Basics Collection 1, Model No. 4.

The complexions of Ryan and Princess of South Africa Barbie are also close, but not exact.

I do not own any articulated Barbies with complexions that match Ryan's unique deep ebony skin tone.  I was asked if Made to Move Camp/Hiking Barbie's complexion matches.  I do not own that doll but I reached out to someone who does.  Dreamer Dolls allowed me to use the following photo:

AA Camp/Hiking Barbie's articulated body does not match Ryan's complexion as illustrated in this photo courtesy of  Please see an articulated body suggestion below the fashion show.*

Ryan and CeeCee Swap Clothes and Model Sparkle Girlz Fashions

Ryan wears CeeCee's shirt dress comfortably; however, the rainbow dress is a loose fit on CeeCee.

The two look very nice in the first of the six different Sparkle Girlz fashions.  Before dressing her in this fashion, CeeCee's ears were pierced.  She now wears tiny gold-tone hoop earrings that are on a straight post.  I used the posts to pierce her earlobes.

I tried the floral print dress with side cutouts on CeeCee first.  I like the fit of it on Ryan better.  The dress CeeCee wears was a nice fit on Ryan, too.

This faux blouson one-piece pants set fits Ryan well.  The yellow striped top fits CeeCee, the waistline of the shorts is a little low.  If they are not pulled up high enough, CeeCee faux panty line is exposed.

Of the six Sparkle Girlz fashions, I like the girls in the third set.  Instead of redressing them in those, I opted for the following Sparkle Girlz fashions purchased in the past.

This fashion shows off CeeCee's more shapely legs.  Ryan's legs are thin and straight.

*If you desire an articulated body for Rainbow Bright Fashionista #90 and are unable to find a manufactured one that matches the head color, dye a body using brown Idye Poly or Rit Dyemore.  The brown in both formulations is rather dark.  The longer the body is left in the dye, the darker it will become.  You can either use a brown body and dip it for a few seconds or a white body and leave it in the dye bath a few minutes until the color deepens.  If I were to do this, to have a headstart in color deepening, I would dye a brown articulated body.

I used brown IDye Poly to dye the heads of these dolls.

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  1. Oh, Ryan is so pretty...but WHY, MATTEL??? WHY did you make that adorable dress plain in the back...again??? Ahem...these girls are great, as are all of your dolls. Will you be repainting Ryan's lips or will you leave them as they are?

    1. They are pretty girls, aren't they?

      Yes, I plan to repaint Ryan's lips as soon as time permits. The pink must go! 💋


  2. Thanks for sharing the complexion comparison photos, DBG!

    It's interesting that the newer petite body has thinner legs. I would have thought the molds might have expanded.

    Aside: that gold dress looks great on Princess of South Africa Barbie.

    1. You're welcome, D7ana!

      It's interesting to me that the slightly shorter CeeCee has shapelier legs than Ryan.

      I purchased the gold dress that POSA wears on eBay from a seller who sells her no-sew Barbie separates for around $6 each. The contrast of the dress and her complexion works quite well. Her shoes, which may not be fully visible in the photo, are black with gold accents, a perfect match. She wears a gold yellow-CZ bow-shaped choker that was formerly an adjustable toe ring.


  3. These are both lovely dolls! Thanks for the complexion comparisons and the fashion show!

  4. Great review! I've swapped Winnie's body (my Fashionista 90) with Maisha from Malaville dolls so Winnie can have some articulation. Maisha had articulated elbows and snap and bend legs and Maisha's youthful face looked good on Winnie's flat footed body. And why, oh, why didn't they continue that fabulous pattern all the way around the dress! I'm glad to know that at least CeeCee got a normal outfit to wear!

  5. Hi Wendy!

    Thank you for sharing that the body of Malville's Maisha is a good match for Fashionista #90 (Ryan). I don't own any Malville dolls and couldn't include them in the comparison.

    Mattel did give CeeCee a cute and normal fashion that suits her well. She will probably wear it again later.


  6. Great review. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen or found #90. I refuse to pay the over inflated prices on the internet. Patience is the key. I am looking forward to getting all of the darker dolls.

  7. Thank you!

    I would hold out too, Brenova. Keep checking Amazon, which is where I found Ryan for $9.99 with free shipping for Prime members thanks to a heads up.


  8. Great review! I was hoping that the Musician's body would be a good match, but I see that it is not. I also purchased her on Amazon for $9.99. She will just have to remain in her original body until Mattel decides to created this skin tone. Ryan is a pretty name for her btw.

    1. I have the same plan to leave Ryan on her original body for now GG. I haven't repainted her lips yet, but that is still on my to-do list.



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