Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The Fresh Squad!

Fresh Squad Anthony, Malik, and Daniel

The Fresh Squad guys Anthony, Malik, and Daniel were preordered in March of this year directly from the Fresh Dolls website.  My dolls arrived this past Saturday.  The dolls were shipped in a packet which was not sturdy enough to protect the boxes.  Some areas of the cellophane are scratched, creased, or otherwise dinged.  This is not a huge issue for me, but for those who desire perfect boxes, it might be.

Box Issues

In this close-up of Anthony's face, the scratched cellophane is noticeable.

Creases are visible on Malik's box in the close-up photo taken of his extra black jacket.  Box issues aside, the dolls are fabulous.

As indicated on the box liner, each guy has 13 points of articulation.  If he has hair (Anthony is bald), the hair is rooted -- not a molded, plastic representation of hair.  Each box is personalized with the doll's name.  Sold as Deluxe Sets, a laptop with working cover, cell phone, and eyeglasses are included with each.  Both Malik and Daniel's jackets are attached to the box liner.  Although they share the same head sculpt, their complexions differ.

Anthony is bald with a five o'clock shadow. Of the three guys, he has the deepest complexion.  He wears a black knit shirt with a red jacket and black slacks.  His accessories, as indicated above, include an open laptop, sunglasses, and a cell phone.

Malik has a medium complexion.  He has multiple black microbraids, the top portion of which is pulled up and held with a rubber band.  He has painted-on facial hair of mustache and goatee.   He is dressed in a white shirt worn underneath a red and black check shirt, blue jeans, and red sneakers.  Malik has an extra black Members-Only-style jacket.  As shown in the next image, his laptop is closed.
Malik's electronic accessories and sunglasses are shown in this close-up photo.

Light-complected Daniel's brown hair is styled in a tapered curly fade.   The fade is painted; the curls are rooted. He has a goatee.  His off-white Henley, Army green pants, and brown boots coordinate well with his green camouflage jacket.  Like Malik, his laptop is also closed.
The images used on the back of the Fresh Squad dolls' boxes are the same.   Most of the dolls shown are from Wave 2.  They are Daniel, Aria, Malik,  Tamra (Wave 1), Froggy Fresh, Anthony, Mia, Lynette, Jacqueline from Wave 1 in "Red Carpet Royalty" fashion,  Victoria (not yet released) in "Ring My Bell" Sleeve Cocktail Dress, Aleyna, and Indigo in "Lovely Lavender" jumpsuit.

Gesture of Thanks
Included with my Fresh Squad order was a thank you note from Dr. Lisa.  Attached to the outside of the envelope was a gold-tone hair ornament.  A sheet of one-sixth playscale-sized cutouts was also sent as a gesture of thanks.

Thank you note from Dr. Lisa and gold-tone hair ornament
The note reads:  From my heart to your home, I hope this package brings a little bit of joy to your life.  Have a Fresh and Positively Perfect day!
This printout includes several playscale-sized items to cut out and/or to cut out and fold to create an array of Fresh-Doll-themed items such as covers for a magazine and textbook, passport, posters, clock, student ID, TV, and a corkboard message board.
It's very reFreshing to have male dolls on the market with multiple points of articulation and rooted hair!

Here is the link to the Fresh Shop where there are links to several categories of shopping.


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  1. I love the poster cut outs and the face sculpt of the guys. I like the Fresh Girls as well and, have been tAking my time about adding them to my collection. They would make great Christmas giftts for me(lol) and little kids.

    1. I was surprised to see the cutouts. I agree that the Fresh Dolls (Squad and the ladies) would be excellent Christmas gifts for anyone who loves dolls.


  2. I have a Fresh Jacqueline doll and she's a stunner. This is a great doll line.

    1. I have Jacqueline from Wave 1, too, and I agree, she is gorgeous!



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